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All Aboard the Davis Webb Hype Train

Thank you for boarding the Davis Webb Hype Train with nonstop service to Super Bowl 58. I’m your conductor, Dan Couver.

The first stop is against the Cleveland Browns (winless in 16 straight) on Thursday night at Metlife Stadium. It’s the stop that will lay the foundation for the ultimate destination. Davis Webb is going to win championships. Plural.

That’s right.

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Davis Webb is the future of the New York Football Giants. You may be wondering why I’m so optimistic on this kid and I have a few reasons:

  1. He’s got a missle for an arm. He even said that his arm is too strong in this SI article. He’s basically Josh Allen before being Josh Allen was cool.
  2. He says all of the right things during his press conferences which is vital to success in the New York market.
  3. He’s the son of a coach which means that according to football law he’s got a good work ethic.
  4. According to his Wikipedia page, a few of the Giants special teamers/practice squad guys said he has the “it factor.” If that doesn’t get you excited then absolutely nothing will.
  5. Last but not least, Eli Manning calls Davis Webb “Dragon.” One would naturally assume that Davis Webb calls Eli Manning “Nighthawk” though that hasn’t been confirmed.

He’s going to come out on Thursday night and throw a minimum of two touchdown passes. 1000% guaranteed. Book it. Take it to the bank.

He’s going to continue to improve and get better this season. He’s got the work ethic, drive, and talent to be the future of this franchise and lead us to championships.

P.S.- If things don’t work out for Davis Webb then please disregard everything that I wrote on this blog.

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P.S.S.- I hope Eli Manning plays at a high level for another 5 seasons.

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