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Bengals fans are really defensive about John Ross so I’m here to double down on how bad he and the Bengals truly are

Last night I wrote a blog about how John Ross may be the biggest bust of all time.  As you could imagine, the Bengals fans who read it didn’t take too kindly to that hot take.

I’m basing my take off of what I’ve seen from him. The dude plays Wide Receiver and in three games last season he literally had more fumbles than catches. That’s a terrible. You could argue that I wouldn’t have performed worse than him last season. You could also argue that the only worse season in the history of the NFL is when Reggie Bush rushed for negative yardage in 2016. 

Then last night he falls and causes a pick-6. Andy Dalton will throw enough pick-6’s himself, he doesn’t need his receivers causing them too.

And hey listen, there may be worst busts of all time who have played for the Bengals but obviously I’m not going to know who they are because the only people who give a shit about the Bengals are Bengals fans. The team hasn’t won a playoff game since I’ve been alive. They’re never relevant.

The entire franchise is a comedy of errors. How the fuck does Marvin Lewis still have a job? Your quarterback has done more for the Bills franchise than he’s done for your own franchise.

Your team employs shitbags like Pacman Jones and Joe Mixon. Speaking of Pacman Jones, check out him getting into a fight with an Atlanta airport employee just last month.

Between 2000 and 2017 your team has had 44 arrests, which is 3rd in the NFL over that time frame. As stated earlier, thats 44 more arrests than playoff wins in that same time frame. It’s also 44 more arrests than John Ross receptions last season too.

In fact, if the Bengals folded (and some would argue that they should) the only player who the NFL would legitimately miss is AJ Green. That’s literally it.

The only person who could save your franchise is Ochocinco. You should probably pick a new team to cheer for until they replace pretty much every person in that building. Being a Bengals fan has to be almost as miserable as being a Browns fan.

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