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Ditch the Davis Webb Hype Train Before It Explodes

Live look at the Davis Webb hype train:

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It was a fun few weeks but the Davis Webb hype train is dead after its first stop against the Cleveland Browns tonight. Webb looked AWFUL in the first half against the Browns’ 2nd team defense. Webb ended the half 8 for 20 for 70 yards and a whole lot of really bad misses.

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Davis Webb is NOT the future of the New York Football Giants. I have a few reasons why I believe that:

  1. He’s got a missle for an arm. He even said that his arm is too strong in this SI article. IT CLEARLY IS WAY TOO STRONG. He consistently missed guys high and overthrew his target.
  2. He says all of the right things during his press conferences which is vital to success in the New York market. BUT HE CAN’T BACK THEM UP ON THE FIELD.
  3. Eli Manning calls Davis Webb “Dragon.” When was the last time a nickname from a 37 year old ended up being cool or hip? I think we all expected this: Image result for dragon


And we got this:

Image result for dumb dragon


“He’s going to come out on Thursday night and throw a minimum of two touchdown passes. 1000% guaranteed. Book it. Take it to the bank.” – Dan from Giants 366

Yeah Dan, I was actually shocked he completed two passes with the way he played. I think we should all just hold out hope that Cleveland played out of their mind due to the fact that it is preseason. As we all know, preseason is when Cleveland thrives.


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