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I may have jumped the gun on Davis Webb but I don’t deserve to be attacked

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog about Davis Webb being the future face of not just the Giants but the entire NFL. Now, I’m being attacked by my own flesh and blood because I may have been a little bit too excited.

Yes, so far it does appear as if that take may have been more premature than an evening with Rick Pitino. However, I don’t deserve to be ridiculed online because I did say in the last Davis Webb blog that I wrote to disregard everything I said if I was wrong about him. Just saying.

I also want it noted that he is going up against the Browns who had tied the record for best preseason win percentage just last season after going undefeated in preseason play. That’s a tough task for any quarterback.

Has Davis Webb been bad tonight? Yes. I’d say that he couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean from the beach but the reality is that he would throw the ball across the ocean and it would land in Europe which actually may be an improvement on his throws tonight.

Nobody expected this three hours ago. His performance is literally turning families against each other and it’s just the first preseason game. We may be at World War V by the end of preseason at this rate.

I’m hoping that this is just a bumpy start to a long and prosperous career as Eli Manning’s replacement, which is hopefully not for another 7-10 seasons.


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