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It’s Time for the Biggest Game of the Year: The Metlife Bowl

The journey to the NFL is a long one for most players. It’s countless sacrifices, choices, and moments of hard work.

Well tonight it call get’s to be worth it. This is what we play for.

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Look at the way Tom Coughlin looks at that trophy. He knows that it’s the pinnacle of hard work and success in the National Football League.

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Rex Ryan looks like he loves this trophy more than he ever loved locker room dysfunction (which is a lot).

Ask any NFL player what he dreams of doing as a little kid and the answer will be simple: Win the Metlife Bowl. Hear it from the players themselves.

“When I was doing my free agency tour, I looked deeply into going to the Jets. However, the pressures of playing 2 quarters in the most important game of the season were too much for me to handle so I chose to go to small town Minneapolis.”-Kirk Cousins**

“I wish the Giants traded for me by now so that I can play in tonight’s Metlife Bowl game.”-Khalil Mack**

“While I’ve won 5 Super Bowls and lost two to Eli Manning, and one to a guy who probably won’t be in the league in 5 years, I have no Metlife Bowls. I’d literally play with regularly inflated footballs in every game to just be near that glorious Snoopy trophy”-Tom Brady**

“My favorite part of playing in the Metlife Bowl was when I got to bench Eli Manning after 2 quarters and I didn’t get one ounce of shit from anyone.” -Ben McAdoo

So if that doesn’t convince you of how big this game is then you probably don’t have a pulse.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this moment since right now when I remembered there was a game tonight last year’s game. I’ll never forget that game. It occurred sometime last August and both the Giants and Jets played in it. It was definitely a barn burner most likely.

It all starts tonight around like 7 or 8, not really sure. But one of those times. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter  for updates.

**Denotes that these aren’t real quotes from these people but it’s probably exactly what they’re thinking. 

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