If Jonathan Stewart Makes the Giants roster then we should cancel the season

Jonathan Stewart is abysmal. At this stage in his career, he looks like he runs a 5.8 second 40 yard dash and he is unable to hit holes that Paul Perkins could hit. Paul Perkins. Who is also human trash.

For the past three seasons before we signed him, once a year I’d watch a random Panthers game and say, “how is he still in the league? I’m faster than him.”

If the Giants insist on keeping him because of “veteran leadership” then they should still cut him. Go out and sign Jamaal Charles or bring back Orleans Darkwa if you want veteran leadership for some young guys.

Yes, I know we have Barkley and Stewart should never see the field. It’s just the principle of it. We can’t have someone this horrible on our football team.

The fact is that as I type this blog, Jonathan Stewart has 10 carries for -7 yards and a fumble. -7 yards! That’s not a typo. Please, Dave Gettleman, for the sanctity of football release this man.

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