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BREAKING: New York Giants Cut Davis Webb


The New York Giants have released quarterback Davis Webb. Extremely shocking news as it seems like less than a month ago we were talking about him being the future of the franchise. He’s now a free agent.

Personally, I’m devastated. Davis Webb was supposed to be the next great QB to lead the Giants after Eli Manning retired in 10 years. Our second podcast episode was called “We’re a Davis Webb Podcast Now.”  Be sure to subscribe. 

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Anyway, the Giants did try and trade Davis Webb yesterday so I guess this shouldn’t be as surprising as some may think. However, we cut Davis Webb over Alex Tanney. A month ago I didn’t know who Alex Tanney even was and now he’s most likely our backup quarterback.

I promise that I won’t take my anger out on Kyle Lauletta as he’s now the heir apparent to the throne of Eli Manning. He’s now the future. Even if Davis Webb was the future before he became the past even though he was never the present. It’s crazy how life works.

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