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NFL Division Preview: NFC East

Over the next few days I’m going to look at each division in the NFL and give my predictions for them. Since there are 256 NFL games every season, I will be predicting 256 wins and 256 losses for the entire season. Up next, the NFC East. 

Full disclosure. I’m a New York Giants fan. You’ll probably see that in my picks for this division. That being said, I will be 100% right about the Cowboys this season. Alternatively, if you’d like to listen to our preview of the NFC East you should download and subscribe to our podcast. 

1. Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6 (NFC #4 seed)

While I am a Giants fan, you’ve got to give respect to the champions. They will have a solid team this year. Defensively, their front seven was one of the best in football last year and it should be even better this year with the addition of Michael Bennett.

I do have some concerns about their secondary. Their cornerbacks are quite weak. I personally think that Malcom Jenkins is one of the most overrated safeties in the league.

Offensively, when Carson Wentz is healthy, they have a true franchise quarterback. The reason why I’m predicting that they’ll be 10-6 and not 12-4 is because I don’t think Wentz is very healthy. While Nick Foles did win the Super Bowl last season and play tremendously in the playoffs, he’s been atrocious this preseason and if Wentz is out an extended period of time then they’ll struggle.

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2. New York Giants: 10-6 (NFC #6 seed)

That’s right. My New York Giants are playoff bound again! They’ll squeeze into the playoffs after riding Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr, and a revamped offensive line. Under new head coach Pat Shurmur, this offense will be full of new ideas and creative schemes to get those weapons in the best possible position to succeed.

Their schedule is tough for the first half of the year but if they can keep the boat afloat during the tough weeks and then take off during the second half of the season on an easier schedule, this team can easily be playoff bound.

Defensively, they should be just fine. Their front seven is significantly improved. The addition of Alec Ogletree will do wonders for their linebacking group. In the secondary, they are a bit weak aside from Landon Collins and Janoris Jenkins. Curtis Riley is set to be the safety next to Collins and Eli Apple is set to start opposite Jenkins. Those are two big question marks.

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3. Washington Redskins: 7-9

The Redskins are an intriguing team to me this season. While there are some huge changes that have happened, there have been some decent additions added to their team.

That being said, I liked this Redskins team a lot more before RB Derrius Guice tore his ACL in their first preseason game. I also liked this team a lot more with Kirk Cousins at the helm at quarterback. Alex Smith is a good quarterback who should have a nice year in Jay Gruden’s system but he’s nowhere near as talented as Kirk Cousins in my eyes.

Defensively, I absolutely love their linebacking group. Preston Smith, Zach Brown, Mason Foster, and Ryan Kerrigan is a unit to be reckoned with. Josh Norman is also still their shutdown corner (even though he doesn’t shadow #1 receivers most of the time).

There’s a lot of question marks surrounding this team so I feel because of those, they’ll finish middle of the pack at 7-9.

4. Dallas Cowboys: 6-10

This Dallas Cowboys team is gonna be bad. Dak Prescott isn’t a franchise quarterback and this is the season that it will be apparent to the world. Aside from Ezekiel Elliott, the offense has no weapons. Dak Prescott struggled last season when he had Dez Bryant and Jason Witten and now both of those guys are gone.

Defensively, their secondary is garbage and will let up a ton of yards. Their front seven is overrated and this team is gonna stink badly. By the end of the season they’ll be in full rebuild mode.





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