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While the Giants lost, things are looking up (except for Ereck Flowers who can kick rocks)

Listen, I’m pissed too. That was a winnable game. We had opportunities to take that game by the horns and we didn’t. We failed.

That being said, we should still be positive because it was a lot better than the shit-storm that was last season. It’s obvious that Barkley has hall of fame potential. Odell Beckham Jr. is back to his old self and he did work largely against the best cornerback in the NFL.

The defense made some nice adjustments and didn’t give up a single point in the second half. Our defensive fronts are going to be impossible to decipher. We’re getting to the quarterback. Eli Apple looks reborn.

So we should be positive. This season is going to go places. The offense is much improved. The defense will swarm.

Everyone should feel good except Ereck Flowers and Kaelin Clay. They both should never see an NFL field again. I don’t know who their replacements would even be but I’m 100% sure that they’re better than both of those guys.

And for the record, all of this “Ereck Flowers will be better on the right side” bullshit is a disgrace. The man can’t play football. It’s time we admit that and cut our losses. Today. No matter what it costs.

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