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I know I shouldn’t still be pissed off about the Giants losing on Sunday night but I still am

Today is Wednesday, September 19th and it’s 5:55 pm ET and I’m still pissed that we lost on Sunday night to the Cowboys of all teams. I’m getting to the point in my life where I’m too old to let a Giants loss ruin my entire week but here we are. Every year I say, “I won’t let it impact me as badly” but I still do.

The reality is this: Over the past 5 seasons plus two games this season, our team’s record is 34-48 which is absolute shit. That essentially means that for every 5 games we play, we lose three of them. Totally pathetic.

The fact is when your team has started 0-2 in 6 of the last 7 seasons it’s pretty hard to not be fed up. Every year it’s the same excuses. “The offensive line!” “We’re being out-coached!” “Our secondary couldn’t cover a guy with one leg!” You also occasionally you even get the random caller into some New York radio show who blames Odell’s haircut for why we’re 0-2 and that’s always funny.

While those things are all true (aside from Odell’s hair), they’ve been acceptable in this organization for nearly a decade. We hired Ben McAdoo which in hindsight was laughable. We kept Jerry Reese about 4 seasons too long. We’re too high and mighty to draft a guy like Laremy Tunsil because there’s a video of him smoking weed on the internet but we allowed a domestic abuser kicker to be on our roster.

Excuses are now the standard. Instead of it being next man up, it’s next excuse up. It pisses me off and if you’re a Giants fan it should piss you off too.




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