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This Giants team sucks and I’m tired of sucking

This football season for the Giants started out with a hopeful feeling. A feeling of new beginnings and a feeling that the future was bright.

Well it’s all dead.

It took just 4 weeks for this team to completely ruin their season for the 6th time in 7 seasons. It’s the same old excuses, just a different year. I’m tired of it. There’s no heart. There’s no energy. There’s no effort from anyone on this roster. We suck.

Since I’ve fallen in love with the New York Giants and NFL football in the 2002 NFL season, no team has had a more boring and predictable offense. Whether it’s the play calling or whether it’s the scheme itself, our offense is guaranteed to put you to sleep. It’s benadryl personified.

The worst part about the last nearly decade of Giants football is that it hasn’t even been fun. We can’t even lose in a fun way. We watch boring ass 16-10 games in which our offense can’t do anything.

We can’t figure out a way to get the ball to the best receiver in football.  We can’t figure out how to run Saquon Barkley more. Eli Manning has forgotten that he’s allowed to throw a pass beyond ten yards.

This team is a disgrace and we’re 1 more loss away from the fans calling for another tank.


  1. Since 2002?….Son you need schoolin’…we’ve won two since then. I’ve seen four rings since I’ve been a fan. They are bad..but your disingenuous at best

  2. another lost season before October. So much potential but never develops. Play calling stinks,the line stinks, the defense does good but then there’s those moments you need them to step up and they blow it. Big blue mess

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