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The Giants record since the infamous boat trip is 4-17: Is the “Boat Curse” officially real?

Eli Manning will be the first to tell you that he’s a “little stitious” when it comes to rituals and I think that I’ve uncovered the reason why the Giants have been the most miserable team in the NFL to watch since the start of last season. All of the “blame Odell for everything” people are gonna love this.

That’s right.

It’s the boat trip.

Now before you say I’m crazy for insinuating this you need to know that there was a “goat curse” that caused the Chicago Cubs to not win a World Series for 71 years. Read the Wikipedia page. It wasn’t years of bad scouting, drafting, and player management, it was literally all a goats fault.

What word rhymes with goat? Boat.

It’s not that crazy to think about. Things have come crashing down for the Giants since the infamous boat trip. Out of 21 games played, including the playoff game that season against the Packers, the Giants are 4-17. That’s absolutely atrocious.

If you look way deep into your memory, there was a point in time where not every Giants fan in the world hated Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese. Was this boat trip the exact moment that both of those two men lost the locker room? Maybe so. This would have never happened under Coughlin.

Were some of the defenders in the locker room so angry that they weren’t invited on the boat trip that the entire defense decided that they were going to stop being good? The Giants had the second ranked scoring defense that year and only allowed about 18 points per game in 2016. Well they allowed 38 points to the Packers that year the very game after the boat trip. Many studies have shown that disgruntled people don’t perform well at their jobs.

I’m just asking questions here.

Here’s to hoping things get better for the Giants this season but if they don’t then it’s clear that we’re cursed and you can thank Odell Beckham Jr and the rest of the receivers.


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