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First Half Thoughts – Giants @ Panthers

Moving the Facebook post over to the website. A little more freedom on the website.

Odell has had quite the week. A tale of two halves…

He did this:

Then he caused this:

And finished with this:

He’s gonna have to make more plays if the Giants wanna win this one.


Giants D bends but doesn’t break (unless it involves tackling)

What was the tackling on this play? How did we allow him to get in the end zone?

That was an awful drive but otherwise the defense has been solid. They need to get to the QB a bit more and we need a turnover.

Eli Manning is throwing it down field a bit more

He doesn’t look comfortable doing it but the ball is going further than 5 yards on every play. Eli has to step up big in this half. Has to shock this team back alive.


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