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The Giants played a hell of a game, probably deserved to win, and now all of Giants nation is crushed

Listen, I know I haven’t been the most positive person when it comes to the New York Giants this season. I’ve bashed the team’s effort time and time again and it’s because I’ve been sick of the same shit.

While we did lose an absolute heartbreaker today, I wouldn’t classify this loss as more of the same. The winds of change were blowing and the team showed a ton of heart.

A big reason why the team lost was the referees. There was a miserable helmet-to-helmet call against Landon Collins that had no business being called a penalty:

This extended a drive that the Giants had ended and it then led to a Christian McCaffrey touchdown catch.

Speaking of Christian McCaffrey, you could also make the argument that he was short on a pivotal 3rd & 1 with 30 seconds left that the referees didn’t even bother measuring. See for yourself:

If you don’t think that’s close enough for a measurement then you’re insane. The ball was in his left hand and it definitely looked short to me. I feel as if the Panthers would have gone for it on the 4th down here with about 25 seconds on the clock to get a closer field goal and if they missed the 4th down then it would have been game over.

This team is 1-4 but with how we’ve played this season we shouldn’t be 1-4. We honestly shouldn’t be. And I’ve been one of the harshest critics of this team. It’s absolutely gut wrenching that another season is now pretty much buried without even really getting off the ground.

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  1. Totally agree with you! We never should have lost this one! These refs need to be checked sometimes! Their word is NOT always correct and that cost my Giants a game we NEVER should have lost! But our Boyz in Blue have something other teams don’t…๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

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