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It’s okay to love Eli Manning but still say that it’s time to move on

A man by the name of John Mayer once said, “my dear, we’re slow dancing in a burning room.” In this case, the fire has engulfed the entire team for quite some time now and it’s begun to ruin everything around it.

As I type this up, I’m watching the Giants get absolutely demolished by the Philadelphia Eagles. The game isn’t pretty and we’re now absolutely hopeless by week 6 for the second season in a row. It’s ugly. Nothing is working.

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A large reason why nothing is working is Eli Manning. It pains me to type that statement out. Our 37 year old quarterback is succumbing to time and it’s officially time to move on.

I was in the camp that maybe if some things changed that Eli Manning could find the fountain of youth and return to his former self for longer than most. I didn’t want this era of Giants football to end.  I’d say things like “if we get an offensive line then we’ll be better” or “McAdoo’s system is the reason why Eli isn’t good anymore.”

While we do need better protection for the quarterback and while McAdoo’s system was bad, Eli Manning’s issues go beyond that. Simply put, he just doesn’t have it anymore. The magic is all but gone.

While it may suck that another Giants season is ruined, it’s okay to be ready for a change at quarterback. It’s okay love everything that Eli Manning has done for the New York Giants but also be ready to move on into the future.

Eli Manning has inspired a generation of Giants fans; a generation that I’ve been privileged to be raised in. He’s been nothing short of exemplary on and off of the field and he’s personally inspired me since I was 9 years old. I will always love Eli Manning. Any true New York Giants fan will.

I could write 4,000 words on what Eli Manning has done for this franchise but I’ll save that for when that time actually comes.

There’s no sense in fighting each other as fans anymore. There’s no point in bashing a man who’s spent the majority of 15 seasons as a quarterback who’s had us in contention year in and year out (for the most part). We should just accept the fact that it’s been a hell of a ride and it’s unfortunately coming to an end.

We have to stop pretending. We have to stop denying it. Let’s just enjoy the time that we have left with each other because there’s been some absolutely amazing times.

While we may be slow dancing in a burning room, there’s still time to finish the song before it all comes crumbling down this offseason.

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