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I watched Justin Herbert play today and I’m confident that he’ll be the next great New York Giants Quarterback

As some of you who follow along with our Facebook page know, we’re pretty high on Oregon QB Justin Herbert. Before today, I’d only seen some highlights of him but I watched every snap of his game today.

His stats won’t blow you away as he was just 18/32 passing for 202 yards with 2 touchdowns but the tools are off the charts. For starters, he has a rocket arm and he can make some tough throws. Look at this absolute missile:

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I’m pretty sure Elon Musk wants to use his arm to launch another car into space. There’s some QB’s in the NFL (looking at you Dak Prescott) who couldn’t make that throw in their wildest dreams.

He’s also used to getting absolutely killed due to his offensive lineman not blocking which means he’ll fit in great with the Giants:

He can also make throws like this:

Lastly, his best receiver is #13 which means he already has experience throwing to a #13 and he probably won’t miss him/not throw it to him when he’s wide open down the field.

Let’s make it happen!! The tank is back on!! #TankForHerbert!

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