Hot Takes NFL

Now that Lebron James is in Los Angeles, it’s not surprising that all of their athletes are faking injuries

RIP Cooper Kupp. Gone but not forgotten.

BUT WAIT! After he was carted off he came back in the game!

I’d like to blame this on Lebron James. Did Cooper Kupp ever look like he tore his ACL/broke an ankle and then come back in the game less than a quarter later when Lebron played for the Cavs?

Nope. Clearly he wants to be like Lebron James and he’s begun to fake injuries just like he would.

They say that culture matters in the world and it’s clear that Lebron James has brought a culture of faking injuries to Los Angeles. Whether is be his “sort of broken wrist” in the NBA Finals or him being carried off the court after cramping because his body lost too much water from all of the tears that he cries from complaining to the game, this culture is ruining NFL football as we know it.

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