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Giants vs Falcons Recap: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

The New York Giants are inventing new ways to lose at this point. I feel like I beat a dead horse every week with these blogs but there’s nothing more to say except that we suck. Here’s a few jumbled up thoughts:

  • Doing two QB sneaks with our statue of a quarterback and burning 40 seconds off of the clock is the most Giants thing to happen this season.
  • Our secondary couldn’t stop me out there. Janoris Jenkins has less heart than the fucking Tin Man. Eli Apple is just as worthless. Curtis Riley is absolutely miserable. To think that we cut a former third round pick to keep him just because he was of the old regime is ridiculous.
  • How are we paying Nate Solder $15 million dollars per year? The dude may as well change his last name to Flowers.
  • I can’t wait to listen to WFAN tomorrow and hear everyone blame Odell for this loss.


What a fucking mess.

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