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Grading the GOATness of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers based solely on this week’s game

So in case you live under a rock you and you haven’t heard: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are playing against each other for all of the marbles in the world of Facebook group/internet message board debates. It’s pretty clear what’s at stake: The person who plays better in this game is clearly the GOAT.

You think that’s a fire take? Maybe so. But that’s basically what Michael Jordan said and he’s the GOAT of the NBA.

I was able to compile the data using advanced statistics put together that’s backed by science for my assessment. These are all metrics that are new to the game but are up and coming in how to determine level of GOATness. Using the advanced regression and linear computer data, I believe that I have found the true value of GOATness and I have identified which quarterback is truly the GOAT.

So without further adieu, here are the categories and results in which their GOATNESS has been judged/evaluated tonight:

QB Sneaks: Advantage to Tom Brady

For whatever reason Tom Brady is unstoppable when it comes to QB sneaks. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t attempt these nearly as often and that’s probably because his collarbone is made of glass.

I’m an old-school football guy and when I need 1 yard on third down, I don’t need my quarterback dancing around behind the line of scrimmage evading rushers and buying time for his receivers to get open. I want a guy who can put his head down and get me more than one yard but less than three yards in order to get a nice and efficient first down. Tom Brady is that guy.

Running Back handoffs: Advantage to Aaron Rodgers

It’s not that Tom Brady is bad at handing the ball off to his running backs it’s just that he would rather throw it to his running backs out in the flat. Part of being the QB is not being afraid to make your teammates look good even if it doesn’t pad your stats for your entire career help your stats. Aaron Rodgers hands the ball off in good fashion and keeps his hand firmly on the ball until his running back of choice takes it and runs. That’s the cornerstone of playing this position at a GOAT level.

Most likely had their family at the game: Advantage to Tom Brady

Say what you want about Tom Brady but he definitely loves his family. Probably even a little bit too much…

Aaron Rodgers, on the other hand, doesn’t even talk to his family. Being the GOAT of something means that your family is a part of it too. A family is basically a locker room that is even harder to quarterback than an NFL locker room. Tom Brady definitely beats him here.

Better Wide Receiver turned Running Back: Advantage to Tom Brady

Look at that toss from Tom Brady back to Cordarrelle Patterson. Right on the money. That’s the most important accuracy for a quarterback to possess because if you go all “Lamar Jackson” and have horrible accuracy when you’re doing a toss then it’s a fumble and fumbles hurt your team.

He even scored a rushing touchdown later in that drive!

Meanwhile, the Packers just traded their Wide Receiver turned Running Back in Ty Montgomery. Aaron Rodgers clearly didn’t do a good enough job empowering him to be successful. He also didn’t teach him good ball security.

Better teammate who was a quarterback in college: Advantage Tom Brady

People forget that Julian Edelman was a quarterback in college. Even though he allegedly used PED’s, he puts a nice touch on the ball.

I’d like to see Davante Adams do this. He probably can’t. That’s simply because Edelman clearly has learned from Brady in case he ever needs to be an emergency quarterback. Davante Adams probably just practices one position and that makes him very one dimensional. If Aaron Rodgers was a better leader then he’d help his teammates become more well rounded football players.

Better Wide Receiver names: Advantage Aaron Rodgers

This was an easy decision. Aaron Rodgers has a receiver named Marquez Valdes-Scantling. He has another one named Equanimeous St. Brown. This isn’t even a contest now that Cordarrelle Patterson is a running back.

Boring names like “Josh Gordon” and “Chris Hogan” have been holding Tom Brady back all season. Both of those names sound like your local neighborhood car salesperson and coincidentally Josh Gordon used to be one.

I personally prefer my wide receivers to have the speed of a Porsche instead of just selling them. Aaron Rodgers clearly does too.

The verdict on who’s the GOAT: Peyton Manning

TBH I just like Peyton Manning best. He revolutionized the way that the quarterback position was played and he beat people with his mind. He studied film harder than both of these guys and set tons of records. Plus, mathematically 18 is greater than 12.

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  1. I have to politely disagree with your pick of Peyton Manning. Brady repeatedly beat Peyton in head to head games. PM also the PED rumors around him, plus there is the female trainer misconduct while at TN that everyone seems to forget and just push under the rug. And before you even say it, Brady did not dump his pregnant GF for Gisele. Brady and Monahan broke up before she found out she was pregnant…look it up, she confirmed! And the fact that say he may show love to his family too much with the kiss to his son – so what!! Maybe if more parents showed their children love we wouldn’t have kids being rude and disrespectful little shits!!

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