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Six Observations from Week 9 of the NFL season

Each week I’m going to try and do this column. This will be just some random observations that I noticed during the current week of the glorious 2018 NFL football season. There will be 6 observations and an extra point. So you’re essentially getting a touchdown’s worth of football hot takes from me. Enjoy. 

1. I know it may not look like it but statistically Nathan Peterman is significantly improving

Check out this crazy stat that CBS Sports tweeted out today:

You’ve gotta give Nathan Peterman credit. He’s clearly been putting in the reps and making improvements. For example, this pick 6 was only partially his fault and not fully his fault like normal.

People will continue to hate on Nathan Peterman but I personally love the man. He’s given me so much entertainment. He’s given me so much to write about . I’m going to enjoy every bit of Nathan Peterman that I can before he’s out of the league. If his improvement keeps up, he’ll throw for 0 TDs and 2 INTS next week and I’ll be just as happy for him.

2. Rams vs. Saints is going to be a great NFC Championship game

The Saints and Rams played in an absolute electric factory of an NFL game today down in the Bayou. Both teams scored plenty of points (70 total) and it was an exciting game all around.

I’m willing to declare right now during week 9 that this will be the NFC Championship game. Both of these teams need to put their best foot forward to make sure it’s played at their home field.

Remember when the Saints lost to the Bucs week 1 at home and everyone lost their minds? Good times.

3. Big Ben is better at faking injuries than any human being in the history of the planet

Check out this play that ended Ben Roethlisberger’s season:

Except it didn’t. He went back in the game not even 5 minutes later. I’m not complaining that Ben Roethlisberger is okay as I would never want any player to get injured. However, I do want to point out the fact that Ben Roethlisberger is the biggest faker of injuries in the history of the NFL. I legitimately texted my brother during the games because I thought he died today:

Whenever Big Ben decides to hang up his cleats, he could easily get a job as an actor. Until then, let him keep leading the Steelers to AFC Championship losses.

4. Seeing Demaryius Thomas in a Texans uniform is weird; especially since they played at Denver today

I’m not even a Broncos fan but seeing Demaryius Thomas in a Texans jersey today felt wrong. It felt dirty.

The Broncos gave him a nice video tribute to thank him for his time in Denver which included many memorable moments:

It has to be incredibly weird playing your first game with your new team in your old team’s house. Especially in a place where you were such a popular player and fan favorite. It even looks like he felt weird celebrating and dancing on the grave of his former team when Brandon McManus shanked the game winning field goal attempt.

Either way, best of luck to Demaryius.

5. Speaking of the Texans, remember when they were done and finished?

I remember. And while I still think that they’re not very good, they’re 6-3 and that’s outstanding considering they started 0-3. With how bad their division has been this season they may only need to win two or three more games to clinch it.

Are they the worst 6-3 team in the history of the NFL? Probably. But hey, 6-3 is 6-3. You are what your record is at the end of the day.

6. The Giants didn’t lose this week so I’m in a weirdly good mood

Yes, I’m aware that it’s our bye week. Listen, as a Giants fan you’ve gotta take the small victories as they come. Our team has been the laughing stock of the NFL for the past two seasons and since the infamous boat trip, our team has been complete garbage.

I can’t wait until next Monday night when the one-win Giants take on the two-win 49ers on Monday Night Football!


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