The Chiefs Should Be Shamed Not Applauded

The Kansas City Chiefs shouldn’t be applauded for their “no tolerance” in the Hunt situation. Anyone telling you they should is absolutely wrong (sorry John Clayton).

The viral TMZ video today of Kareem Hunt beating on a woman happened back in February. It was reported on for a day and quickly forgotten about. The Chiefs knew. The league knew. They knew what happened and you know what they did? Nothing.

And before you go and say Hunt lied to them, ask yourself if you would trust a man who hits women. Is that the kind of man you can just take their word as truth?

The entire Chief’s organization should be ashamed. They should be ashamed that it took nearly a year to release Kareem Hunt. They should be ashamed that they hid themselves from the truth. They should be ashamed that they turned a blind eye to something as serious as this.


Is their an apology from Kansas City for the way they dealt with this situation? Do they even discuss that Hunt pushed and kicked a woman? Nope. It doesn’t even seem like the allegations mattered to Kansas City before there was a viral video. Let me reiterate, the Chiefs turned a blind eye to a grown man beating a woman to win football games. Hunt would be playing on Sunday if this video didn’t come out.

So while some may applaud Kansas City for their move today, I won’t. It’s tough to applaud a team who currently employs a man who did this:

And while we are here, 🖕 Cincinnati and Joe Mixon.


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