Daniel Jones got booed at Yankee Stadium last night; Giants fans should be booing Dave Gettleman instead

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Folks, I was enjoying a nice evening of watching the Yankees dominate the Tampa Bay Rays last night behind a stellar outing from Masahiro Tanaka last night when a tweet from best in the business Giants beat writer Art Stapleton came across my feed.

At first I thought it was a joke but then I realized that it wasn’t. It was all over twitter and it’s a messed up thing to do to a player who hasn’t even played a single game yet. I get not liking the pick because I hated it too. Hell, over at New York Giants 366 on Facebook we’ve admittedly been some of the biggest critics of the pick. That being said, it’s time to hope for the best with this kid and cheer for him.

It’s not his fault that the Giants decided to pick him. It’s not his fault that Dave Gettleman completely overdrafted him with the sixth pick and then lied to the media about other teams being interested in him. If there’s anyone to blame for the current state of the New York Giants, blame Dave Gettleman and John Mara.

Blame Dave Gettleman for gutting our team down to studs by trading and/or not re-signing key players. Blame Dave Gettleman for deciding to go into a rebuild while paying a 38 year old quarterback who isn’t his old self anymore $23 million. Blame John Mara for having a farce of a GM search and then not putting his foot down when his general manager decided to destroy the team.

Don’t blame Daniel Jones. He hasn’t even played a game yet. There’s a small, outside chance that Daniel Jones will be the starting quarterback week 1 this season. There’s also a good chance that he will be starting at some point by the end of the season. Let’s not judge this kid until he plays some games.

What’s done is done. Hop on the Dan Wagon and support this kid.

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