Summary of Dave Gettleman’s end of season press conference: It was a disaster

Folks, Dave Gettleman met with the media today for the first time since training camp and it was a doozy. The man couldn’t give a justifiable answer as to why he did the Leonard Williams trade, why he didn’t meet with the media for almost five months, and ultimately he got slammed by the media who was hungrier than a pack of wolves.

Let’s get into the summary.

On the firing of Pat Shurmur and his own job performance

  • Dave Gettleman said that he “understands” the question of why Pat Shurmur was dismissed and he wasn’t. He also says that there were substantial discussions about his own job security but ownership decided that he should stay
  • Gettleman: “There are many reasons why the Giants are in their current state and I take my share of culpability.”
  • Gettleman praised himself for being able to make the tough decision.
  • “We’re all on notice,” Gettleman said. “I feel that pressure every day whether I’m in my first year or my fifteenth year.”
  • Gettleman on how he’d grade himself over the past two years: “Not good enough.”
  • Gettleman said that he understands why fans are skeptical that he’s the right man for the job

Dave Gettleman on the Leonard Williams trade

Dave Gettleman really struggled to answer these questions and the media absolutely went in on him. Gettleman said that Leonard Williams met with him yesterday and told him that he wants to be a Giant. Gettleman then went as far as saying that if they don’t sign him back then they will get a third round comp pick back in 2021. That actually may not be true if they spend a good portion of their cap space this offseason. The General Manager of an NFL franchise doesn’t know how comp picks work. Here are some more points with that:

  • On why he made the trade: “As much as the style of play evolves, you have to run the ball, stop the run, and rush the passer.”
  • On why he didn’t just wait until free agency: “Now we know what we have,” Gettleman said. “We felt like we needed him.”
  • As to why he initiated talks with the Jets after he previously said that whoever picks up the phone first loses leverage, he said that he read that he was available and called up Jets GM Joe Douglas to make a deal
  • Gettleman says that LW is just 25 and he’s about to enter his prime. “The potential he gives us was worth those assets.”

Dave Gettleman on the coaching search

Dave Gettleman seemed open to virtually anything when it came to the coaching search. He didn’t seem worried that his presence would detract any high quality candidates.

  • Gettleman on giving a coach more power over the roster: “Whatever is in the best interest of the New York Giants I will do.” Emphasizes that the Giants are collaborative and every major decision was a collaboration.
  • Gettleman says the Giants are a powerful franchise and stability of this ownership will take away any fears potential coaches may have about this franchise.
  • Gettleman dismisses the notion that he’s tough to work with. Says it must come from people who don’t know him. Compares finding a coach to dating and says any candidate will have a chance to look him in the eyes and say “what’s up.”
  • Gettleman on interviewing college coaches: “We’re getting younger and younger players in the league.” To take a college coach now, he’d have that advantage of being connected to these college kids for so long.” Emphasizes collaborative process with him in decision making.

Gettleman on analytics and the running back position

Gettleman, who mocked analytics in his initial press conference, came out and said that the Giants are reinventing what they do with analytics and numbers.

  • Gettleman: “We’ve hired four computer folks and redid the backend of our scouting department.”
  • Gettleman on taking a running back second overall despite analytics devaluing the running back position: “In terms of analytics and devaluing the running backs: (Saquon Barkley is) special. He’s an outlier. I should’ve said that.”
  • Gettleman said he plans to meet with other General Managers inside and outside of the league to learn more about analytics
  • Gettleman: “I know this is going to sound crazy, but I met with a big analytics guy. I’m gonna learn from my mistakes.”

Dave Gettleman on why he didn’t take any accountability and meet with the media during the season

This was the part of the press conference that made him look worse than any other part of the press conference. He basically admitted that he let Pat Shurmur get pummeled by the media each and every day and that he didn’t meet with the media in the season because a lot of other teams don’t do that either.

  • Gettleman: “Once the season starts it’s about players and coaches.”
  • Gettleman says he felt guilty that Pat Shurmur was “taking the bullets” and he had Pat Hanlon, the Giants Vice President of Communications, check and see if any other General Managers around the league met with the media during the year
  • Gettleman said that General Managers only talk if there’s a big deal done. Well what about the Leonard Williams trade? Gettleman: “I didn’t speak then.”
  • A reporter asked Gettleman, “If you felt guilty (about Pat Shurmur taking all of the heat from the media), why did it matter what other teams are doing?” Gettleman responded with, “I talked about it with Pat and we decided to stay the course.”
  • On if Gettleman’s lack of availability over 5 months projected weakness: “I’m concerned about that very much and we will address it.”

It was brutal to watch him defend himself here and I’m truly curious to see if he learns from his mistakes.

Dave Gettleman on free agency and the draft

  • Gettleman repeatedly emphasized that you have to build through the draft despite trading a high third round pick for a guy that they could have signed for free in March
  • While the Giants have a lot of cap space, Gettleman says that he’s going to take $20 million and “put it in a savings account” to ensure that the Giants have cap flexibility for things like potential extensions and trades

Dave Gettleman on the future of the franchise and how quickly it will be before the team is a winner

  • Dave Gettleman said he had two goals when he came here: The first was to find a franchise quarterback which he believes he did and the second was to set the team up for sustained success.
  • Gettleman on how long it’ll take this team to become a playoff contender: “It all depends on how quickly the puppies come along.”
  • Gettleman says that the Giants will win more games next year “because the young kids are getting better.”

Housekeeping items

  • Gettleman said that the only locker room problem this year was Janoris Jenkins who was released for calling a fan a “retard” on Twitter.
  • Gettleman on why people should trust him: “Why shouldn’t they?”
  • Gettleman on keeping Manning at a $23 million cap hit for two games as the true starting quarterback: “Who better for Daniel to learn from than Eli Manning? So to answer your question: We’re fine with it.”
  • Gettleman gave us an all time “that’s what she said” when talking about Daniel Jones taking Eli Manning’s job and why he didn’t move on from Eli Manning last offseason: “We really believed in Daniel and we didn’t know he’d come that fast.”
  • Dave Gettleman on culture: “I saw a team that practiced hard every days and played hard on Sundays.”
  • Gettleman on the Odell Beckham trade: “We won’t be able to evaluate that trade for two years.”
  • Gettleman said that the current coaching staff is still under contract but they are free to look elsewhere for the job. He said that he’d encourage the new head football coach to speak with them about positions on his new staff

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