Ranking the new 2020 NFL jerseys from best to worst

Folks, there were quite a few uniform changes this offseason. Six teams made some pretty big wholesale changes and the Indianapolis Colts made a small change to the font of their numbers.

While I can dig the subtle changes that Indianapolis made to their uniforms, I won’t be including them in the rankings because they’re not substantial changes and they really won’t look that much different this season. With that being said, let’s get to ranking the six teams that made wholesale changes to their uniforms.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

You can go ahead and file this one under “duh” since they’re obviously some of the best uniforms in the entire league. What’s not to love about these threads? The powder blues are cleaner than ever, the whites look fast, and the two color rush sets do a good job of honoring the team’s history. I absolutely love the yellow pants as well. The Chargers are going to be opening up SoFi Stadium this season and they’ll look much, much better than their counterparts who also dropped new uniforms.

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2. Cleveland Browns

One trend you’ll notice in these uniform rankings is teams essentially hitting the reset button for how Nike massacred their classic look. The Browns did just that and they look exactly how they should look. No more hideous pants with the “BROWNS” wordmark on them. No more ridiculously large “CLEVELAND” across their chest. No more looking like an arena football team. The Browns are back and this is a welcomed change.

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3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are another team resetting a horrible Nike design and going back to their roots with these beautiful new jerseys. I know a lot of folks wanted the creamsicles to come back but here’s an unpopular opinion for you: The red and white uniforms that the Bucs will wear next season are definitely better than the creamsicles.

I don’t really like the all pewter jerseys but I know a lot of Bucs fans who really like them so to each their own I suppose. I also don’t hate the all pewter. Overall, these jerseys are the icing on the cake of a great offseason for the Bucs!

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4. New England Patriots

When I see the new Patriots jerseys, I genuinely do like them but I also just see a ton of missed opportunities with these. For starters, the Patriots should have gone with white helmets with these threads. They would have looked much cleaner and they could have brought these bad boys back as alternate jerseys.

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I do like the away uniforms and I think the stripes on the sleeves pop pretty well and look cool. I just think a team called the Patriots whose colors are red, white, and blue could have done better. It’s disappointing to see them only make a slight upgrade on their threads when they could have done exponentially better.

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Huge gap

I want to emphasize this, and this can’t be emphasized enough, once you get through the top 4 uniforms that are released there is a HUGE gap between the top 4 and the last 2. The gap is the size of 50 grand canyons. That’s not an exaggeration. The last two uniforms on this list are the two worst uniforms in the entire NFL and it’s really not close. They’re a disgrace to their city, state, and the entire sport of football. With that being said, let’s rank these dumpster fires too.

5. Atlanta Falcons

When I think of missed opportunities in the NFL, the first team I always think of is the Atlanta Falcons. There’s the whole 28-3 debacle and then there’s having your colors be red and black and releasing these uniforms. The side panels are atrocious. In the red pants/white top uniform combo the stripes on the side panels and pants don’t even match. The numbers are big and ugly. The gradient alternates are pitiful. These are atrocious.

When you look at their final throwback uniform on the far right side of the picture, it becomes clear that they should have just used those as their permanent jerseys and made a white one that looked similar to that. The Falcons have some of the best colors in football, it shouldn’t be this easy to mess these up.

To top it all off, the Falcons had to put ATL across their chest in huge letters on every single set. I’d understand doing this on an alternate uniform but knowing that I’ll be stuck seeing these on every Sunday in the fall for the next 5 years bothers me to my core. I’m 99% sure that the ATL stands for “ATLeast we’re not the Rams”because that’s the only consolation.

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6. Los Angeles Rams

Man oh man these uniforms are so bad. They look like Madden “create a team” uniforms. Everything looks out of place. They’re calling their white jerseys “bone” jerseys which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Their jerseys have these random name tags on them that look like NBA sponsorship spaces. The numbers are hideous. The yellow is way too bright. These are putrid through and through. The Rams should be ashamed of themselves.

I have put a link to buy every teams uniform in here but I’m not going to do that for the Rams. If you live in LA and you’re reading this, go buy a Chargers jersey instead and root for that team. The Rams clearly have no idea what they’re doing and these uniforms combined with the fact that they gave a running back with arthritis in his knee nearly $60 proves just that.

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