Regular sports gambling must return for my sanity

I don’t know what to say anymore. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m done betting the ponies every day, or that I don’t exactly enjoy betting Korean Baseball that starts at 2:30am my time. But sports gambling just flat out sucks these days, and I just want a return to normalcy.

I miss the thrill of betting NBA and NHL playoff games. I didn’t realize how much I took these leagues for granted until COVID hit. The only problem is when it returns, will it feel the same? For me, sports without fans is like a hot dog without ketchup or mustard. It’s not right.

Rob Manfred’s incompetence as a commissioner has kept me from betting a simple MLB game, and as much as I love the UFC, fights only take place on Saturdays. UFC Fight Night has become the biggest watch for compulsive gamblers like myself, and that’s just a sad reality.

NASCAR is nearly impossible to bet, but it’s the only sporting event going on Sunday’s. Then again, at least that’s better than watching and betting random kids on twitch streams playing NBA2K (yes, that is a thing, and yes, I’ve been doing it).

I don’t know if I can wait any longer for the four major sports leagues to return. All I want is to parlay the Angels and Dodgers to win tonight. Is that too much to ask?

Maybe in a different year. But not in 2020.

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