2020 Six Month Recap; Motivation Moving Forward.

2020 has been what no one could have expected. Right from the start of the year, it seems like every month has transitioned into a whole new phase, and a new problem. Many have had a difficult year with all of the global and central issues in our country, and some have had even more added to their plate. I would like to share my story with you, and in hopes to help everyone in this difficult time in our world today.

In January, the tragic news of the passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter started off the year. It was a shock to us all, I remember reading it on Facebook thinking it was another hoax. Then I saw a whole bunch of tweets, posts and more, especially from reliable sources. Then it hit me, it was all true. I texted my friends and my mom, and just couldn’t believe what had happened. And to think it happened to not only a basketball legend, but just the incredible person Kobe was. His daughter was a rising star, and was going to be just like her father one day. The sadness that came from this tragedy was thought to be the worst that 2020 had coming, but what we didn’t know what was ahead.

For me personally, the end of January and early February is when my world started to crash. I was at work on a late Thursday night when I received a phone call that my mother was rushed to the hospital after given CPR at her house. My heart sank, I could not believe what I just heard. I never thought at 23 years old I would be facing this situation so soon. It took me a half an hour to get to the hospital from where I worked. I rushed in and just wanted to know if she was alive. I went with my family, and it was a long night waiting for answers. They put her in a medically induced coma, after finally getting a pulse from her after many times it had dropped. This all happened on a Thursday.

Through the weekend we waited for answers, what caused this to happen? Was she going to be okay? Sunday was the day we were waiting for, they were going to attempt to wake her. They took a scan of her, went through some tests and called us in a room. She was not going to make it. She had lost too much oxygen to her brain, and she would not be able to function at all. We had to make the decision to let her go that day, and of all days, Super Bowl Sunday.

My mom was just 55 years old, and the biggest Giants fan you would have ever known. With that, Dan and Matt of 366 Sports and New York Giants 366 created the “Michelle Brown Toughness and Perseverance Award”, which is an annual award given to a Giants player that exemplified those characteristics that season. Sterling Shepard had won this year. That truly touched my heart and forever will, as she would be so honored and happy to see that. This goes to show sports mean more than just a game, it’s a family.

In the same month, COVID-19 started hitting the news much more, and there were fears of it coming to the United States. I was one of the people that thought this virus would be nothing, or just like the normal flu, and that it wouldn’t be as big as they are saying. I was wrong. COVID-19 shut not only the country, but much of the world. Cases and death rates sky rocketed in the beginning. Being from New York, we saw many cases and deaths, the most in the entire country. I was out of work for 2 months before returning back in June. We as sports fans know this shutdown entirely, with all sports being shut down at one point. NHL Season cut short. NBA season cut short. NCAA March Madness shut down completely. No college spring sports. It was something I’ve never seen before and hope to never see again.

High school and college seniors have been through so much. From going to class one day with friends to never seeing them in school ever again, teachers included. Who knew the annoyance of going to class would be something you took for granted, and now wish you could take it all back? I feel bad the seniors didn’t get the complete farewells that we all had in the past. Remember how exciting it was being a senior and graduating? I wish they were able to share that same feelings we had in the past. I hope many go on to college and get to experience college graduations (they are more fun!). I feel bad for the kids that missed out on senior sports, senior nights, things of that nature. Those were days I looked forward to, and can’t imagine what they must be going through. Although these are dark days for you all, I promise you there are brighter days ahead.

Now we are in the months of May and June, and we have had the tragic death of George Floyd occur in our country. Another fatality at the hands of the criminal justice system. We have seen the protests and outrage for justice and change in this country and reform in the criminal justice system. Besides the violence that has occurred, I have been glad to see our country has come together to support a common goal and to try to implement change. We have seen people of all platforms reach out to help. We have seen many athletes creating ways to come together to create change. I hope that change will happen and more action will be taken than just words. I hope to continue to be united, and to stay away from division among each other.

We are now in the summer of 2020. Summer is supposed to be one of the best parts of the year, family vacations, warm weather, and hitting up the beaches! Thankfully, some of that can happen now, with some precautions of course. I think seeing the country open back up will bring more positive than negative results. People need their lives back. We need to feel happy again. We have been through so much over these last 3-4 months, it’s time to get our happiness back. Sports like the NBA, NHL, WNBA, PGA, NASCAR have/will all potentially resume their seasons and upcoming seasons will be set to start. Even if it’s without fans, this is what we need to see back. You never realize how important things are until they are taken away.

To wrap up this article, I want all of you to text or call your loved ones and tell you they love them. There is nothing I regret more than not calling my mom the last day she was on this earth and able to answer my phone call. I remember clearly driving by her house on my way to work and didn’t see her car. I was going to call to see where she was but told myself she’s probably in town, call her after work. I never had the chance to make that call. Please, call your family, friends, loved ones and tell them you love them, because you just never know.

Take it from me, this year has been a disaster, not just from the events the have unfolded like the pandemic, riots in the cities, mass destruction, or America shutting down. I also lost a mother during all of this. Believe me, there are days I just don’t want to keep fighting this war of life, and where I just want to give in. People ask me, how do you do it? How do you keep being so positive and fighting?

This is what I want to leave you with. The old saying of “everything happens for a reason” and “there is always a light at the end of the tunnel” is what gets me through these times. Many of us are young, or may already have kids and a family. You will tell your kids and family in the future of how you overcame the biggest game of all sports…the game of life. We are all champions of this. We will win this battle, and I cannot wait for better days ahead. All of us here at 366 Sports wish you and your families well and with great happiness.

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Dylan Davis is a graduate of the State University of New York at Canton, where he obtained a B.A.A in Sport Management. He is a former athlete of football and baseball and sports fan for much of his life. Dylan creates content for 366 Sports and New York Giants 366, and is also a host on his own show, “The J&D Sports Show”.

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