An Open Letter to Kyrie Irving

Dear Kyrie Irving,

Fuck you.

Why are you always ruining good things?

You ruined the Cavs team, you ruined the Celtics, and you are trying to ruin the rest of the NBA 2020 season when you won’t even be playing! You are a cancer.

I would understand if you were concerned about the health and safety of players because of COVID-19, that is a very plausible cause for not wanting to go into the bubble of Disney World. But nooooo, you believe starting basketball back up would take away from the national focus on systemic racism and police brutality. You could not be any more of a moron.

When the NBA returns, it will be the first of the four major sports to return to the national spotlight. You don’t think there will be a national focus on the NBA?!?!? Ratings will be at all-time highs, people are craving for sports to be back, and players will have the largest platform in the world to continue the protest and movement against systemic racism and police brutality.

The NBA and their star players will be the largest group of influencers on the planet for months. Be on camera, be visible for trillions to see the movement for social justice; do not be at home where there is minimal spotlight. Kyrie, take advantage of this opportunity and run with it.

Oh, you also want to start a new league with the players, PERFECT!

You should have lost all credibility when you said the Earth was flat. I don’t know how anybody with brain cells can take you serious. Enough with the drama queen bullshit Kyrie. You should be put in a cannon and shot to the moon where you can be with you and your outer world thoughts. Maybe take a look at the Earth’s shape while you’re up there 😉

Kyrie you also said you would be willing to give up everything for social reform. I applaud you and I respect you for that. You should do everyone a favor and do it. Stick by your word and help make the world a better place. We do not need you fucking up the NBA season, especially when you won’t be lacing up to play anyways. If you’re going to be an asshole about this whole situation, then stay home and stop trying to ruin sports.

Fuck You Kyrie Irving,


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