An Open Letter to Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball

Opening Day is almost like a holiday to some baseball fans, as shown here on Opening Day of the 2009 MLB Season at Yankee Stadium. (Photo Credit: © 2009 Christine Radecic)

Dear Mr. Manfred,

Ever since the last out of the World Series last year, we all have been anticipating the return of Major League Baseball for the 2020 season. So much has happened throughout the league and the world since Daniel Hudson fanned Michael Brantley last October. From rule changes, proposed playoff changes, the Houston Astros dilemma, the Covid-19 pandemic, and now the civil unrest that is going on in our country, these last few months have been a very difficult time for everybody in the United States, especially sports fans. This is why we need “America’s Pastime” to return.

Major League Baseball is the oldest professional league in the United States. From the days of Jackie Robinson to President George Bush throwing the first ceremonial pitch after 9/11, the sport of baseball has proven that it unites people from all different backgrounds in difficult times. This is what our country needs right now, and the MLB is preventing it from happening.

After many of the outrageous proposed changes that received criticism, and the backlash received after the sign-stealing punishments, Major League Baseball needs to have a 2020 season for the league’s sake. The league will continue to spiral downward if the season is cancelled. It is not the players fault, as they clearly want to play the game that they fell in love with growing up and have devoted much of their lives to. The MLBPA has already proposed multiple deals for the 2020 season that the MLB has rejected each time. Every time the league rejects a proposal, it makes the league look worse. Just two weeks ago, you yourself stated that “We are going to play Major League Baseball this year”. (ESPN) Now, you’ve went back on your word stating that “I’m not confident. I think there’s real risk, and as long as there’s no dialogue, that real risk is going to continue.” (ESPN)

So Mr. Manfred, what is the risk? Other leagues such as the NHL and NBA have already proposed return to play procedures, taking into account the safety of the players and fans. Other states have already started reopening restaurants, retail stores, and other public establishments. The MLB already has a bit of a tarnished image since the events that happened in the off-season. If anything, playing the 2020 season would give the league the opportunity to return to its former glory that made the game of baseball one of the most popular sports in the world to begin with. Even if there are no fans in the stands, all of us still want baseball to return. We miss the sound of wooden bats cracking, seeing highlight reel plays, and getting that good feeling when our favorite team hits a home run.

We ask that you finally come to terms with the MLBPA and agree upon a deal to bring baseball back. It’s been a very long 8 months without a sport we love, and it would help people from all different cultures to unite and come together, as it has proven time and time again in the past. This is what we need to push through these difficult times in the United States right now, as well as what your league needs to do to restore faith in the fans and the players of Major League Baseball.

Thank You.


Dylan Terry

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Dylan Terry is a graduate of the State University of New York at Canton, where he obtained a B.A.A in Sports Management. He is a former athlete and has been an avid sports fan throughout his whole life. Feel free to connect with Dylan on social media:






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