A Superstar Athlete Now Free to Sign with Any Team

In an absolute stunner, Microsoft decides to shut down their streaming platform, Mixer, as they move their streamers to Facebook Gaming as part of a budding partnership with Facebook.

Ninja, who moved to Mixer in August of 2019, signed a contract believed to be worth $30 million per year. In less than a year at Mixer, Ninja has now been released from his contract and is the hottest summer free agent of 2020.

Hey man, he might not have an athletic bone in his body but he is soon going to be paid like a NFL Quarterback. He now has the option to return to his old stomping grounds at Twitch, follow fellow Mixer streamers to Facebook Gaming, or join close friend, CouRageJD, over at YouTube. Anywhere he goes, he should be expecting north of $40 million per year in his next contract.


I was neither blessed with ability to throw 95mph nor dunk a basketball, and now I am angry at my parents for yelling at me when I was a kid for playing too much video games. Thanks Mom and Dad, I could be wiping my ass with $100 dollar bills during my stream breaks of playing Fortnite all day, but instead I pathetically look forward to watching the next dumb Adam Sandler movie on Netflix.

Anyways, this is exciting news and anywhere Ninja decides to end up will cause shock-waves through the gaming industry. He is the LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Patrick Mahomes of streaming and video games.

Personally, I would love to see him back on Twitch even though they had a weird break-up their first time around and porn was involved so yeeeaahhhhh, that probably won’t happen. But for the nostalgia, I think the fans would be fired up for his return and he would gain back the viewers who did not follow him to Mixer(me). It’d be like LeBron James returning home to Cleveland. Couldn’t write a better story myself.

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