What the MLB Needs Now More Than Ever

BASEBALL IS BACK BABY! After far too much waiting, baseball is making its return. Unfortunately we get an extremely shortened season to work with and fans are pissed at both players and owners for not figuring this shit out long ago. I see quotes all over the place saying “This is why the sport is dying..” blah blah blah. Fuck that, baseball just needs a little rejuvenation and I’ve got quite the solution…

I may be biased but I firmly believe that I grew up during the greatest era in baseball history. The “Steroid Era” was baseball in all of it’s glory. You may disagree, but you’re wrong. It’s time to open our minds and our hearts to PEDs in the MLB.

My fondest memories in regards to MLB are from my days as a young Cardinals fan watching Mark McGwire rip the cover off of the ball, over and over again; only to watch his rival Sammy Sosa do the same thing the next day. Then you add in the home run king Barry Bonds, a true 5 tool player in Alex Rodriguez, and an all-time great in Roger Clemens and you’ve got people glued to their televisions and packed in the ball parks. It’s ridiculous to me that these guys will always have an asterisk in the history books when all they did was elevate the sport. 

I know everyone likes to reference “the integrity of the sport” when bashing the juicers, and I get it. As young ball players, we’re taught by our coaches to respect the game and play it the right way. But I feel like once you get to the bigs, all bets are off. At that point you’ve entered the Entertainment Industry, and it’s a demanding one. It’s the consumer’s dollar that keeps a sport in business and every major sport has something that gets the crowd on their feet. Football has the big hits, basketball’s got the high flying dunks, and baseball has the big fly. Give the people what they want! 

I don’t know about you guys, but I would MUCH rather watch a high scoring game with some absolute BOMBS than watch a pitchers duel and a 1-0 game. 

Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Ronald Acuña, among other young stars are all punishing balls without the ‘roids. Now imagine those boys with a little bit of juice running through their veins, it’d be unreal to watch. We’d have fucking gladiators out on that diamond.

Folks, I think it’s about time we let our professional athletes, specifically MLB players, maximize their performance potential for our viewing pleasure. 

It’s time the consumers get what they want. 

Glavine and Maddux said it best: “Chicks dig the long ball.”

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