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Madden 21 is already terrible and it hasn’t even released yet

Folks, Madden rankings season is upon us and there’s nothing better than seeing players and fans get triggered about their favorite team’s Madden rankings. Today I will be playing the part of one of the fans who is triggered by his team’s Madden rankings. I will also be ripping the game of Madden, which used to be one of my favorite games, to shreds. I legitimately will never buy this game again until they make it like it was in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s.

For starters, allow me to be slightly triggered by my team’s rankings in Madden. Here are the top 10 Giants in Madden.

Believe it or not, I don’t totally hate this list. I think Barkley should be higher, as he’s ranked the 8th running back in the game when he’s a top 2 running back in football, and I think Bradberry should be higher. I’d also say that Tate should be much lower. They’ll probably make Daniel Jones a 65 and say that it’s because he fumbled a lot last year.

Overall, the game’s ratings system is broken. I feel like in recent editions they’ve overpowered the stars in an attempt to turn the game into NBA 2k and amplify their stars. I’d bet my life that Lamar Jackson in Madden 21 will be equivalent to Madden 2004 Mike Vick.

Anyway, here are some other really crappy ratings that Madden has released this year.

Deshaun Watson only being an 86 is criminal. Matthew Stafford only being an 83 is also pathetic. I’m honestly not sure how they make these ratings. Part of me thinks that they do it on purpose so that idiots like me will blog about it.

The main thing I’m angry about is that they’re not going to fix franchise mode which for the people like me who were born between 1985 and 1999, is the best part of playing Madden. I won’t buy the game again until franchise mode is incredibly in depth.

I want to be able to have full control and make the moves that Dave Gettleman is too numb skulled to make. I want them to make free agency more of a bidding war. I want them to fix how they classify players positions. There’s so much more that they can do for franchise mode and we know this because they used to do these things in the past.

Get it together, EA!

P.S. I will redact everything that I wrote in here if EA decides that they’d like to partner with 366 Sports. I will formally disavow this blog and we will hype up Madden to the extreme. I’ve also thought that streaming Madden Franchise mode with the Giants could be fun to do for content so if you guys would watch that then let me know because it could be fun.

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