Aldrick Rosas is Lucky to Be Alive – Details from Rosas’ Alleged Hit and Run

Picture of the vehicle Rosas allegedly hit during on June 15, 2020.



UPDATE: Rosas was released by the Giants.

366 Sports obtained a picture of the aftermath of the accident that cause major damage to both vehicles. After seeing the above picture, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Rosas is lucky to be alive and that no one suffered any major injuries (thank God!).

At 8:27 AM on June 15, 2020 on Hwy 99 and Garner Lane, Rosas allegedly struck a Ford pick-up truck. Witnesses told CHP (California Highway Patrol) officers they saw a black Chevrolet SUV traveling north on Highway 99 passing traffic over the yellow lines at 100 MPH. The SUV ran the red light and collided with the Ford pick-up truck. Butte County district attorney Mike Ramsey stated the Rosas hit the victim’s truck causing it to be spun around. According CHP and witnesses, the driver of the SUV attempted to flee the scene. CHP officers confirmed that the black Chevrolet SUV was Rosas’ Chevy Traverse.

It is important to note that CHP confirmed that Rosas was not at the scene. In fact, CHP had time to go to Rosas’ address to see that he was not home before finding Rosas walking on the side of the road covered in blood.


Rumbling of the accident started this week:

Part of LPG’s claim from Rosas’ camp does seem to be true (this obviously has nothing to do with LPG who was just reporting what someone told him).

  1. The front of the Ford pick-up is clearly smashed in – suggesting the Rosas was t-boned. However, it does appear that this was due to Rosas running the red light, and not due to the fact that the Ford was at fault (the tweet doesn’t claim the Ford was at fault but many suggested that Rosas was not at fault).
  2. Butte County district attorney Mike Ramsey confirmed a sobriety test was NOT administered because Rosas was found three hours after the accident. Rosas was booked for a SUSPECTED DUI. Not an actual DUI.
  3. The picture suggests that Rosas’ car was NOT at the scene of the accident – now this can’t be confirmed. This is clearly a picture of the aftermath of the accident and his car clearly could have been moved. With that being said, CHP has stated that Rosas was not at the scene of the accident when they arrived.

Rosas is scheduled to appear in court on September 4, 2020.


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