I Will Die on this Hill: Kirk Cousins is a Top 10 Quarterback Right Now

Folks, we’re going to be starting a new series here on called “I Will Die on this Hill” where we talk about the takes that we have that we feel most passionately about. Some of these takes are going to be extremely hot. They’re going to be so hot that you’re going to need to take some tylenol after to cool down your fever just from reading it.

So I wanted to start this series off with a bang and tell you all that Kirk Cousins isn’t just a good quarterback, he’s a top 10 quarterback in the NFL right now. That’s right. That’s not a typo. He’s definitely a top 10 quarterback at this very moment. I will easily die on that hill while simping for a guy who unfortunately dresses like this.

For starters, in his five seasons as a full time starting quarterback he’s never thrown for less than 25 touchdown passes or more than 13 interceptions. The only season where he’s thrown for less than 4000 yards was last season and it’s because Mike Zimmer literally hates not running the football all of the time because he’s old school. What more do you want from a starting quarterback? Those are some incredibly consistent numbers.

Then you look at Cousins’ efficiency numbers and realize that aside from a couple of really bad games early on last season that he was incredibly good.

Per football outsiders, he also ranked number 11 in deep ball percentage last season which is solid. It’s not like Kirk Cousins was just throwing slants all day to Michael Thomas back there. He has a pretty deep ball that gets overlooked because people love to hate on Kirk.

Why do people love to hate on Kirk? It’s probably because he’s fun to make fun of in some ways. Obviously the socks and sandals picture is pretty funny. The fact that he drove his grandma’s van for a while despite being an NFL quarterback is also comical. The media also piles on Kirk Cousins year after year. The only quarterback who gets worse treatment is Jameis Winston.

When you look at quarterbacks, it’s important to look at numbers. Kirk Cousins never gets the benefit of the doubt because people don’t want to look past what’s right in front of their face. The numbers I provided prove that he’s a top 10 quarterback and I will die on that hill forever.

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