The New York Yankees May Never Lose Again

Folks, if you’ve been keeping up with the circus that has been the Major League Baseball season this year then you’ll know two things are for certain. The first is that the league’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t particularly been great and the players who are allegedly going to casinos and strip clubs haven’t helped matters at all. The second is that the New York Yankees are embarrassing teams night in and night out en route to a 7-1 start.

The Yankees took two of three from the defending World Champs at their own house, swept the elite Baltimore Orioles who have only lost one other game so far this season to a team that’s not the Yankees, and annihilated an inferior Red Sox team in a sweep. It’s been extremely fun to watch and I have to say that there’s a good chance that the Yankees will never lose a game ever again.

That’s right.

I’m putting the team on the 59-1 watch from this point forward. There are absolutely no weak spots on this roster. Aaron Judge could easily be the AL MVP if he keeps up this level of elite hitting. DJ LeMahieu is on .400 watch. Gio Urshela looks like a gold glove third baseman. Giancarlo “Mikey” Stanton is absolutely murdering baseballs this season. Gerrit Cole looks like everything we hoped for and more. The bullpen is still the best in baseball. I’m ready to win the World Series.

Now, many people may say that I’m being a delusional homer. Some people may say that claiming that the Yankees will win fifty two straight games to get to 59-1 is impossible. But you know what? I don’t care. Nobody can bring me down. This team is flying and it’s going to keep flying until we win the World Series in 2020.

The only way that this team doesn’t win the World Series this season is if coronavirus cancels the season. As long as the Yankees players stay out of casinos and don’t make any stupid decisions in their time off then nobody will stop them.

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