Connor McDavid Should Demand A Trade Immediately

Folks, it’s no secret that I’m a huge Connor McDavid fan and that he’s the best hockey player that this generation has ever seen. It’s also no secret that the Edmonton Oilers organization has completely failed Connor McDavid and aside from Leon Draisaitl, they’ve given him no help.

It’s a complete joke that in four playoff games, McDavid could have 9 points and his team could lose the series 3-1. It’s so unfair that Edmonton has the best player of this generation and we will never see him make a deep playoff run because the organization is so incompetent.

The coaching staff sucks. The management sucks. Their defense is pathetic. Their goaltending is mediocre at best. They have no depth on their team. Ken Holland is just chomping at the bit to overpay every single veteran that’s on their roster.

Connor deserves better. If I were him I’d demand a trade immediately because a better organization has at least one Stanley Cup by now with McDavid leading the charge.

The Oilers are perennial losers and that’s never going to change. Connor deserves better. He should demand a trade immediately.

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  1. you know making a team for the playoffs is not about one star player …. yes McDavid is the best of the best … I have watched him he has more talent then many players in the league I have watched his goals they are just amazing what he does with the puck …. but the game of hockey is not about buying all the best players to play on one team … its building a team to be the best team for years to come … Chicago had the advantage over Edmonton … because in my few Edmonton should have been playing in the single round robin round to see who was top middle and bottom team in that round robin …. now this 2020 NHL playoffs is a big joke because Bettman idea was add a few extra team make it more interesting. Yeah sure did make it interesting. Know these teams in the middle get the chance of the best of the best in the league player … imagine Edmonton drafting a number one winger for McDavid do you think McDavid is leaving …. I dont think so …. win lose or draw … this Oilers team is starting to be a better team … they need to learn to play as a team not expect one player to do it all … if McDavid scares 3 goals someone else better start saying hey the Captain has spoke lets get it going …. that was the problem everyone is watching what McDavid is doing instead of doing there own job on the ice …. these oilers have to be better clearing the defense zone … terrible turn overs they dont know how to keep the puck when they have it …. its a two way rink if you cant get the puck how can you win games … Chicago stayed the course simple game keep the puck in Edmonton area and they will turn it over …. what happened was they turned the puck over they panicked

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