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Five Things I Never Want To Hear Giants Fans Say Ever Again

Folks, the New York Giants kicked off their season tonight on Monday Night Football against the Steelers. While the final score was exactly what you may have imagined in the form of a double digit Steelers win, there was a point in time where the Giants were driving the bus early on in the game. That being said, it didn’t last long. All of our worst fears were proven true tonight. Here are a few things that I never want to hear Giants fans say ever again.

1. “The offensive line may finally be good this year.”

Tonight pretty much confirmed that we’re still at minimum two offensive linemen away from having even a serviceable offensive line. Cam Fleming and Nick Gates are so atrocious that they brought down the play of our best offensive lineman in Kevin Zeitler like a lead balloon.

Saquon Barkley had 6 yards on 15 carries tonight. Why, you ask? Here’s why:

On the bright side, Andrew Thomas looked like a beast tonight. The rookie did great against Bud Dupree. But until we have more guys like him on the offensive line and we’re not transitioning undrafted free agents to new positions, I don’t wanna hear it.

2. “Saquon Barkley will be worth every penny of his next contract.”

We live in a day and age where running backs are now getting paid again. A ton of them got paid this offseason.

But one thing remains true: Saquon Barkley should not be paid by the Giants under any circumstances if you want them to be a contender ever again. This team is still so far away. The offensive line is still so bad. Paying Barkley would use up way too many valuable resources to fill positions that we actually still need to fill in order to be good again like Edge Rusher, Cornerback, Right Tackle, Center, and Wide Receiver.

Now Barkley is an insane talent. He’s easily a top 3 running back talent in the league. That being said, it doesn’t even matter on this team. It’s impossible for any running back to function when they’re swarmed in the backfield on every single play. When it’s all said and done, having Saquon Barkley on the Giants is like driving a Ferrari but living in a box on the side of the road.

3. “Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman are embracing analytics.”

Joe Judge literally proved on his first offensive drive as an NFL head coach that he doesn’t care about analytics in the slightest. The Giants were in Steelers territory on their forty yard line with a fourth and one and he punts.

Think that’s bad? Well it gets worse.

On said punt, the Steelers muffed it and the Giants recovered inside the Steelers five yard line. The Giants failed to score on the first three downs and had a fourth and goal near the goal line. Pat Shurmur Joe Judge decided to kick a field goal.

The team literally has no expectations this season and Joe Judge is playing to not lose instead of playing to win. It’s disgusting. It’s more of the same. It’s not what this team needs. We need Joe Judge to have more guts moving forward.

4. “Evan Engram would be good if he wasn’t always hurt.”

Hand up, I’m the Giants fan that says this. Evan Engram sucks and it’s time to move on from him too. I know that take may appear hot after just one game this year but it’s always something with this guy. If he’s not hurt he’s dropping passes, if he’s ballin out then he gets hurt. It just never ends. It’s going to be time to end this experiment after this season.

5. “The 2007 Giants started 0-2 and they won the Super Bowl so the season isn’t over yet.”

I’m just preparing for next week with this one. The annual comparisons to the 2007 team that actually had edge players, a secondary, wide receivers, prime Eli Manning, and an offensive line will begin after the Giants likely lose to the Bears Week 2.

Do you know how many 0-2 Giants teams have made the playoffs since the 2007 team won the Super Bowl?

Zero. And there’s been six of them. Michael Strahan isn’t walking through those doors to save us. It’s going to be another long season.

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