Which 0-2 Teams Have the Best Chance of Making the Playoffs?

Folks, in case you live under a rock, you know that the 2007 New York Giants team who won the Super Bowl began the season 0-2. As a Giants fan, I’m reminded of this every season when the Giants start 0-2 (which they have in seven of the past eight seasons) by delusional Giants fans trying to justify our shortcomings by saying that we still have a chance to be good.

The reality is that out of the ninety eight teams that have started 0-2 since 2007, just twelve of them have made the playoffs (12/2%). The 2007 Giants team is the only one that has won a Super Bowl. So the odds of having a sucessful season aren’t particularly great.

That being said, each year I like to go through the 0-2 teams to see which teams have that outside chance to make the playoffs. In a crazy year like 2020, anything can happen. So let’s break down the teams based on their chances.

Zero Percent Chance

New York Jets- Until Adam Gase is fired then this team is going to dwell in the basement and ruin Sam Darnold.

Detroit Lions- This team almost needs to tank and completely start fresh. I love Matthew Stafford but at this point it’s time to tear down this broken house. Also, Matt Patricia needs to be launched into the sun.

New York Giants- This team is so hopeless. Both games have been incredibly ugly and now Barkley is out for the season with a torn ACL. Daniel Jones is officially on notice as the team is officially in on the race for Trevor Lawrence.

Cincinnati Bengals- Not yet. They’ve got their franchise quarterback in Joe Burrow but it’s just simply not time yet.

Miami Dolphins- They always put up a good fight but the team is too devoid of talent to contend for anything this year. How soon until Tua Tagovailoa plays??

Carolina Panthers- They’re rebuilding and they’re rebuilding correctly. They got rid of anybody and everybody who isn’t in their long term plans. They’re going to be bad for a couple of seasons but if they nail the rebuild and get a franchise quarterback then they can be contenders in a few seasons again.

Atlanta Falcons- How does Dan Quinn still have a job? This team invents new ways to lose. Matt Ryan deserves better. There’s no way they recover from what happened today.

Los Angeles Chargers- Justin Herbert looked great today but they’re still at least a year away.

10% Chance or Less

Denver Broncos- The Broncos have played well against two of the better teams in the AFC so far this season. With there being seven teams in the playoffs, there’s an outside chance that they can make a run and squeak in. I also don’t think that there’s a big drop off from Drew Lock to Jeff Driskel.

Houston Texans- Like the Broncos, the Texans have lost to two of the better (in their case, the two best) teams in the AFC. I’d like to see how they do against some inferior competition before writing them off completely but it’s not looking pretty.

Minnesota Vikings- The Packers look incredible so far this season but the Vikings could always make a late run at a wild card spot. They have a ton of defensive issues that they need to fix but I’m not comfortable writing them off completely yet. Also, I have a problem and I can’t quit Kirk Cousins.

Philadelphia Eagles- The NFC East is horrid this year but so are the Eagles. They may have some serious questions for the future of their team, including at quarterback in Carson Wentz. They still struggle to cover anyone in the secondary. The only chance they have is if Dallas chokes away the division and they get in at 8-8 or 9-7 but it hasn’t looked pretty for them this season.

Well, it looks like I’m pretty down on every single 0-2 team this season. Can you blame me though? Tweet me @dancouver366 which of these teams you think could make the playoffs in 2020.

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