NFL Week 3 Rapid Preview

Folks, we blinked our eyes a couple of times and we’re already in Week 3. It’s a great feeling to have our football routine back by going no more than three days without NFL football at any given time. It’s such a beautiful thing.

I’m sitting here right now watching the Jags and the Dolphins play in an electric Thursday Night Football showdown and I decided that I wanted to launch a new series where I preview each game every week in a few short sentences or less. The goal of this is to give you a few things to think about for each game without getting too deep into the weeds.

So here we go!

49ers vs Giants: This is the game where general NFL fans realize how replaceable Jimmy Garoppolo is as Nick Mullens won’t be a huge drop off here. As for the Giants, this is a game that you should win. The Niners are extremely banged up. That being said, this is exactly the kind of game that the Giants lose.

Football Team vs Browns: The Browns are back! That’s right, after beating the elite Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns are ready to kick ass and take some names, right? What could possibly go wrong? Especially against Washington! It’s also Chase Young’s first game back in the state of Ohio since playing for (The) Ohio State Buckeyes. I’m sure the announcers won’t remind you of that during this game at all.

Bengals vs Eagles: If Carson Wentz can’t beat the Bengals at home then Eagles fans are going to be calling for Jalen Hurts even louder. This is a game that the Eagles have to win if they have any hope of saving this season.

Raiders vs Patriots: I really can’t wait to see Patriots fans turn on Cam when defenses start to get film on him and figure out what the Patriots offense is all about with him at the helm. It’s not sustainable what they’re doing with him. That being said, he won’t be figured out this week and this game has some firework potential.

Bears vs Falcons: Mitch Trubisky playing easy defenses week in and week out is making the whole “it’ll be so fun to watch the Bears switch quarterbacks every week” thing way less possible. There will be points galore this weekend.

Rams vs Bills: This is low key one of the most exciting games of the week. Two teams with something to prove in this one. Going to be a must watch! Also, it’s super fun to see Josh Allen putting it together so far this season. If he takes the next step then Buffalo is going to be SCARY.

Texans vs Steelers: Pittsburgh is going to feel like a JV team for Houston after they opened up against the Chiefs and played the Ravens last week. Also, did you know that three Watt brothers are playing against each other in this game? You definitely will not hear that for three straight hours on Sunday.

Titans vs Vikings: You heard it here first: This is a trap game. Kirk Cousins may throw for 300 yards on Sunday in this one. Why? Because it’s going to be one of those kinds of weeks.

Panthers vs Chargers: This is your weekly, “Yep, it makes sense that this is a 4:05pm game.” The Chargers should take this one as long as their medical staff stops trying to kill their own players.

Colts vs Jets: This is the game where 60% of your survivor pool picks the Colts and Philip Rivers throws a debilitating game losing interception. I will be in that 60% this week.

Cowboys vs Seahawks: Russell Wilson has 9 touchdowns this season and just 11 incompletions. Good things happen when you let Russ cook.

Lions vs Cardinals: Listen, the Lions are bad but are the Cardinals as good as people are saying that they are? I’m not so sure. This seems like a massive trap game to me.

Buccaneers vs Broncos: Tom Brady and the Bucs offense has looked awkward so far. I’m curious to see if they begin to click a bit better during this game.

Packers vs Saints: Hot take that shouldn’t be a hot take: The Saints should start Jameis Winston. Drew Brees has no arm strength left and I’m getting some massive 2015 Peyton Manning vibes from him so far this season. Either way, this should be a really fun Sunday Night Game.

Chiefs vs Ravens: This very may well be the game of the year and I’m hoping it lives up to the hype. I am also hopeful that Mahomes vs. Jackson can be the next Manning vs. Brady. This could be the start of a really fun rivalry as this game should happen every year with both teams likely finishing in first place each year.

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