BREAKING: Steve Tisch Reportedly Wants Dave Gettleman Fired

Folks, huge news coming out of New York as Giants Co-Owner Steve Tisch wants Dave Gettleman fired. Steve Tisch has always been more of the “silent partner” in ownership with the Giants when it comes to the football operations side of things but according to a source with a good batting average for us, Tisch is absolutely done with Dave Gettleman.

Gettleman has a 9-26 record as the Giants General Manager and it’s clear after getting the brakes beaten off of them by a bunch of backups on the 49ers that Gettleman’s “plan” isn’t working. It’s not looking good at all and Steve Tisch wants a change.

There’s no point delaying the inevitable at this point. Gettleman is clearly on the chopping block and if the Giants are smart they make their move right now. They can promote Assistant General Manager Kevin Abrams to Interim General Manager and give him a shot to lead the team as that is something that Mara would probably like to do anyways.

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