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A Realistic Look at the Giants Schedule: When Will They Win a Game?

Folks, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Giants are on the brink of easily starting 0-5 for the 2020 NFL season. With the Rams on the schedule this week and the Cowboys on the schedule next week, it’s almost a virtual lock at this point.

But when will the Giants finally break through and win a game? Let’s investigate.

Best Opportunity: The Divisional Gauntlet

Beginning in Week 5 (which we already have penciled in as a loss), the Giants play five of their next six games against divisional opponents. They play Washington Week 6, Philadelphia on Thursday Night Football Week 7, Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football in Week 8 (loss), Washington in Week 9, and Philadelphia in Week 10. I’d have to think that the Giants get at least one win in those five divisional games. Dare I be a dreamer and say that we get two wins in those 5 divisional games?

As far as which game has the highest chance of win probability, the obvious answer for the would be Week 6 against Washington at home where the Giants currently sit as 3 point favorites. That being said, the Giants will have to be creative in getting their horrid running game going against that Washington front seven as Giants running backs are averaging just 1.85 YPA this season. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to steal a game against the lowly Eagles as well but the Giants haven’t won in Philadelphia since 2013 so it would likely have to be the home game.

Next Best Opportunity: Remaining AFC North Games And/Or Last Game of the Season

If everything goes wrong and the Giants don’t get a win during the divisional gauntlet then the next best chance to win will come against the Bengals after their bye week. This game isn’t being played until November 29th so if the Giants are still winless by then the 0-16 talks will be in full swing. I sincerely hope that this isn’t the case.

If the Giants were to lose that game then their next best chance will come against the Browns in Week 15. That being said, the Browns running game is strong this season so that will be a tough win.

The absolute last resort for us getting a win this year if we’re still winless will be Week 17 against the Cowboys and here’s why: The Cowboys may have the NFC East wrapped up by Thanksgiving by default as the division is so terrible so by Week 17 they may be playing back ups. That would level the playing field for the Giants (a team that basically starts backups every week) and give them a chance. This would be the absolute worst case scenario, though.

No Chance: Rams, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Ravens

There’s no chance that the Giants win any of these games. No chance at all. I don’t want to hear “oh, any given Sunday anything can happen.” No it can’t. The Giants are a bottom 2 team in the NFL.

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