New York Giants: Is Daniel Jones a Franchise QB? DIMES-O-METER WEEK 6

Our weekly Dimes-O-Meter is making it’s debut this season after Week 5! Each week, Dan, Dylan, and myself will tell you where we fall on the Dimes-O-Meter and we will set up a weekly vote to allow the fanbase to report where they are.

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As always, the fanbase gets to go first. You guys voted that we are officially in wait and see mode on Daniel Jones – which is 100% fair. Here is the breakdown of the votes:

  1. Wait and See: 445 votes
  2. #TankForTrevor: 247 votes
  3. The QB For Now: 101 votes
  4. Starting QB: 8 votes
  5. Franchise QB: 44 votes

The overwhelming majority of fan voters are NOT ready to commit to Daniel Jones. This is very telling, especially considering a majority of you would have taken a bullet for Jones after last season.


I knocked Daniel Jones down from wait and see to the QB For Now after a poor showing vs Dallas. I think Daniel Jones has the potential to be a starting NFL QB – just not a franchise carrying type QB like Eli Manning. The kind of guy that when everything is perfect around him, he would perform extremely well. I want more than that. NFL coaches and GMs want more than that. With the team 0-5 and staring down the barrel of another top selection, it’s more than likely that Dave Gettleman is gone. There’s a strong possibility that GM will want their own guy, especially if they believe Jones upside is limited.


It’s clear to me that Daniel Jones will never be a franchise carrying quarterback. At best, he will be a game manager if everything is perfect. It’s incredibly difficult to win a championship with a guy like that unless everything is perfect. The Giants are miles away from perfect so if they can get Lawrence then it’s time to move on from Jones.


With the Giants offensive line struggles and the lack of separation from the giants WRs, I question how much of this is completely on Jones or the complete offense as a whole? Only time will tell.

Something we can all agree on, it’s time for Dave Gettleman to go!

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