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The Only Culture That Dave Gettleman Has Built is a Losing Culture

Folks, the Giants had a 21-10 lead with 6:21 left and they ended up blowing the game to the Eagles by a score of 22-21. It was an absolutely brutal loss for a team that’s trying to develop what they hope is their quarterback in the future in Daniel Jones and a brand new head coach.

Now I could be dramatic and say that this is a new low for the Giants but the fact of the matter is that it’s not a new low. This is the same low that’s been plaguing the team since the end of the Jerry Reese days. It’s the same low that’s been ushered in by Dave Gettleman. It’s also the same low that’s been allowed to happen under the watch of John Mara by not firing the people responsible for letting this problem to spread like mold in a cold, wet attic.

All of the Giants problems boil down to this simple fact: The Giants simply don’t know how to win and they have a losing culture.

Gone are the days of Eli Manning pulling rabbits out of a hat in the fourth quarter to win the Giants football games. Gone are the days of being a team whose preparation is superior to the opponent. Gone are the days of hoping to lure high profile free agents into the organization to play for the team.

This team is stale. It’s like watching flat soda every single week. The game has passed this organization by.

We’re built entirely wrong.

The lack of a pass rush surely showed at the end of the game today when our defense was gassed and Wentz had enough time to make all of the throws. Our wide receivers create less separation than a blanket. Our tight end literally sucks at everything he does and for some reason Jason Garrett runs the same end around play to him forty times per game. Nothing we do ever truly works.

When it comes down to it, any fish rots from the head down. The head of the fish is John Mara who sucks now and has always sucked as an NFL owner. Unfortunately, the Giants are stuck with him since the team’s owner.

He could have fired Dave Gettleman, the man who bangs the culture drum louder than most people do in today’s NFL, after last season. He didn’t and he’s allowed Dave Gettleman’s losing mindset to set in. It’s spread like wildfire throughout the organization.

Tonight’s game was proof of this. In actuality, it was his Ninth Symphony for messing up the Giants organization and setting the team back for years. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it until it actually happens: The Giants will never win anything as long as Dave Gettleman is in charge. There has never been a better time to fire him than right now.

John Mara & Co. should do the right thing but they almost certainly won’t. The second half of the season will be just as bumpy. Our only solace is to hold out hope that eventually the day will come when Dave Gettleman is retired in Cape Cod far away from the Meadowlands, football, and culture building of any kind.

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