Kyle Pitts Makes Sense for the Giants at 11

Kyle Pitts is going to be the most debated prospects among the Giants fan base this draft season. Pitts is a profilic playmaker that we’ve decided to slap the tight end tag on. He’s not your typical tight end. He’s a profilic receiver.

Pitts is 6’6, 240lbs and is coming off a season with 770 yards and 12 TDs in 8 games. He’s a receiver. Plain and simple. That doesn’t mean he’ll be listed as a WIDE receiver but he’s a guy you line up all over the place. He isn’t your typical inline TE. He’s not a blocker. He’s gonna play in the slot and on the perimeter. He’s a match up nightmare for opposing defenses.

Pitts runs smooth and crisp routes. He makes uncatchable passes catchable. He’s ability to high point the ball will make him a fantastic red zone threat. Florida used Pitts all over the formation. Look at what he did against CB Tyson Campbell, a likely top 60 pick in the draft this year:

I’m calling for all Giants fans to open up their minds. Just because you hate Evan Engram, that doesn’t mean Kyle Pitts is a bad player. In fact, they’re two totally different prospects. Don’t be fooled by thr tight end tag either. This man is an elite playmaker which is why he was the Giants pick in the first 366 Sports Mock Draft. With the likelihood of WRs Devonta Smith and Ja’Marr Chase going before the 11th pick, Giants fans should expect Pitts as a real possibility.

See full mock: https://366sportsnetwork.com/2021/01/18/2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-with-trades/

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