FANS CHOICE: New York Giants Offseason

Fans choice is a series where YOU decide what the Giants do this offseason. You’re the GM and you’re probably better than Dave Gettleman. We are giving you the opportunity to vote on certain situations on our Facebook and Twitter. From cuts to free agency to the draft, we are going to have it all.


Current Actual Cap Space
Projected Cap Space: 185,000,000
Current Top 51 Cap Hit: $180,759,762
Cap Space: 4,240,238

Fans Choice Cap Space (with your projected cuts/moves below):
Projected Cap Space: 185,000,000
Current Top 51 Cap Hit: $174,136,762
Cap Space: $10,863,238


Nate Solder: https://www.facebook.com/Giants366/posts/3469692843140228
The Fans voted to move on from the LT this offseason. Solder’s was one of the worst free agent signings in NFL history. His record breaking contract netted 2 years of bad football and $10M in dead cap space. The Giants save $6M with the move. IMPORTANT: Offseason cap is calculated using the top 51 players cap hits. When a player is released, a new player becomes part of the top 51. The Giants create $5.22M with this move as WR Austin Mack moves into the top 51 at $780k.

Votes to Release: 1,504
Votes to Keep: 162

Isaac Yiadom: https://www.facebook.com/Giants366/posts/3486004291509083
After trading a 7th rounder for Yiadom last offseason, he struggled mightily by allowing 54 targets, 34 receptions, 451 yards, 6 TDs allowed, and a 126.4 Passer rating Allowed. Giants fans chose to cut Yiadom to save $2.18M. LB Breeland Sparks ($780k) gets bumped into the top 51.

Keep/Cut Coming soon:
WR Golden Tate
LB David Mayo
WR Cody Core
TE Levine Toilolo

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