Leonard Williams Wants $25 Million Per Year and That’s Comical

Featured Image Credit: AlexanderJonesi, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Folks, I generally am on the side of players when it comes to them getting paid as much as they possibly can. Their careers are short whereas billionaire owners are going to be billionaires regardless. Then I saw this tweet:

I lost all feeling in my left leg when I saw this tweet. The fact that Leonard Williams thinks he’s even remotely close to $25M per season is comical.

Yes, Williams had a great season last year but people shouldn’t forget his 2019 season where he had just 0.5 sacks. He generally finishes in the 3-7 sack range for his career average. You should never judge a player based on their highest year or their lowest year.

So if his attitude is that he wants more than what the franchise tag is worth then I’d just let him ride out this season on the tag and let his value go down next season. He’s not a $20M per season player based on one season. The only way he will become a $25M per season player is if Aaron Donald steals his identity.

On top of that, this entire thing could have been avoided if Dave Gettleman didn’t overpay for him at the trade deadline in 2019 and just waited for free agency to sign him. The Jets weren’t going to keep him. That was an option all along. But this is what incompetent management gets you. Giants fans who think that the Giants won’t absolutely overpay for Williams and then watch him recede into mediocrity are kidding themselves.

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