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Grading the Kenny Golladay Signing

The New York Football Giants signed WR Kenny Golladay to a 4 year deal worth $72M with $40M guaranteed. Giants fans everywhere are excited and I think the overall consensus from us is that you should be. Let’s see how he grades out:

Dan Couver: A-

When it’s all said and done, the Giants NEEDED to sign a wide receiver this offseason who can be an alpha. Golladay ended up being the best one left on the market. Golladay is a good player who adds an element to the Giants offense that they haven’t had since Odell Beckham left. My only issue with the deal is that they overpaid. The Giants could have gotten a guy like Corey Davis for much cheaper.

Matt: B

Kenny Golladay is a good wide receiver now making elite wide receiver money. The Giants overpaid without any real competition bidding against them. I don’t think Golladay will ever live up to the price tag. With that being said, I’m giving the Giants a B because they need to see what they have in Daniel Jones this year. If overpaying for Kenny Golladay helps Daniel Jones make the next step and become a true franchise QB, then it’s worth it.

Davis: A

We can’t deny the Giants overpaid for Kenny Golladay, but it was a much needed signing. The offense was so stagnant and the receivers could create no separation whatsoever. Golladay is a “go up and get it” guy, and Jones thrives off the deep ball, it’s the perfect duo for this Giants offense that finished 31st in the league. Injury is the biggest concern especially for the amount of the contract, but hopefully the reward outweighs the risk.

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