Sports Betting Picks – Introduction

Hello everyone at 366! I am the new contributor for the group, and I will be posting free sports betting picks for everyone to tail (or fade).

I wanted to spend my first post as an introduction of myself without any posted picks. I go by LayTheHouseRM, and have been an established free “Capper” on Twitter for about three years now. I do not put any of my picks behind a paywall, and that will never change! I specialize in NFL, NCAAF, Tennis, WNBA, and Soccer. I will be posting most of my picks here along with all of my other socials. You can follow me everywhere by using this link: https://linktr.ee/LayTheHouseRM

So I am sure you guys are wondering, how good are my picks? And will I make money? The short answer is yes, you will make money following my picks if you stick to my unit structure and have good bankroll management. I can write some articles later explaining “Units” and “Bankroll Management.”

Plain and simple, here are the numbers:

All Time Posted NFL Picks: 136-101-6
NCAAF: 134-112-7
Soccer & Tennis I have not tracked individual plays, but I hit around 60% on each.
Euro 2020 Results so far: 20-13-5
Wimbledon Results so far: 15-10-3
WNBA: I created a model that has won 65% of the time the last three seasons

I hope that I can win you guys some money this year, and teach you many key tips when it comes to betting on sports. Remember to follow me on all of my social media for all of the quickest updates: https://linktr.ee/LayTheHouseRM

I will be back here tomorrow posting my Wimbledon picks for Monday and Tuesday.

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