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Five Bold Predictions for the Giants Heading into the 2021 Season

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Folks, for the first time this year in my life it’s starting to feel just a little bit like fall. Yes, it’s still summer. And yes, we’re still in the wilderness when it comes to being able to watch football on TV but we’re almost there.

Here’s a few fun facts for you before we dive into this article. We’re just:

  • 4 Saturdays away from Week 0 of College Football
  • 5 Saturdays away from a loaded Week 1 of College Football that features a Clemson vs Georgia matchup
  • 6 Sundays away from the start of the NFL season

So since the good times are coming, I feel like now is an appropriate time to make some bold predictions for the Giants 2021 season. Here are five bold predictions that could very well happen this year for the Giants.

1. Daniel Jones will RUSH for five touchdowns this season

Daniel Jones was statistically the worst quarterback in the red zone last season. A large reason for that is because the Giants didn’t have any big body receivers who can go up and get the ball. The other reason is that the Giants didn’t play to his strengths by letting him run the ball inside the ten yard line.

Through two seasons, Jones has just four rushing attempts inside the ten yard line. Considering how well he can move, that is a massive mistake from the coaching staff that needs to be fixed. If the Giants want Daniel Jones to be effective throwing in the red zone then they also need to use his legs to establish the run and get some gimme touchdowns this year. We’ve already seen Jason Garrett have success using Dak Prescott in the red zone so they should use Jones in the same way.

2. Jason Garrett will be fired midseason and Freddie Kitchens will be promoted to Offensive Coordinator

Now if you want to talk about a bold prediction, here’s one that I think will absolutely happen this year. There were rumblings that Joe Judge wanted to move on from Jason Garrett this past offseason but ownership wouldn’t let him out of fear of Daniel Jones being in his third system in three years.

But what happens if the offense is holding the team back from winning games during the middle of the season? Will ownership’s stance be so firm? I find it hard to believe that they will and Jason Garrett will be sent packing.

3. Aaron Robinson will be the team’s second best cornerback

Once again, I’m going bold with this pick here. It’s no secret that I absolutely loved the Giants third round pick this season in Aaron Robinson and I know that fans are going to love him too. He’s got the ability to play both the slot and play outside. He plays big at 6’0″ and is athletic. There’s a chance he’s used in a multitude of roles this season but I really can see him becoming the team’s number 2 corner after James Bradberry and ahead of Adoree Jackson in terms of snaps, production, and ability.

4. The Giants defense will have three Pro Bowlers

Last season, the only Giant on defense that made the Pro Bowl was James Bradberry which was highly deserved. Many Giants fans also feel like Leonard Williams and Blake Martinez were snubbed. I definitely agree that Leonard Williams was snubbed but Blake Martinez was not strong enough over the second half of the year to be a pro bowler.

This season, I could absolutely see the likes of Bradberry, Williams, and Peppers making the pro bowl giving the Giants a total of three pro bowlers on defense this year which would be an incredible accomplishment.

5. Sterling Shepard will lead the team in receptions but Kenny Golladay will lead the team in receiving yards and touchdowns

What people don’t realize about Kenny Golladay is that he’s not going to be a volume receiver this season. He’s never been one in his entire career. Golladay’s value is in the vertical passing game and he’s incredible at making contested catches. His career average is just 3.9 receptions per game.

Meanwhile, Sterling Shepard is a guy who’s going to get more volume. He averaged 5.5 receptions per game last year and with Golden Tate out of the picture he should get the majority of the slot work which is where he thrives the most.

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