Tim Tebow Timeline: Victim or Righteous Ending?

The point: A LOT of hype.

With a disappointing end to what seemed like a mutually beneficial relationship, we can’t help but wonder: Was Tim Tebow a victim of bad luck, or was he just really bad at professional sports? Let’s recap the Tebow timeline and you decide for yourself.

With arguably one of the best college football careers, the world wondered what was next for Tim Tebow. Many expectations and hopes arose from the world of sports, regardless of what team you rooted for. Yes Florida State fans, even you wanted to see how he would do in the NFL too, don’t roll your eyes.

2010: After 2 BCS championships and and a Heisman trophy, he received mixed reviews in 2010 before the draft, including an ironic prediction to play in Jacksonville. Charlie Crist, The governor of Florida at the time, suggested that Tebow would be great for the city in boosting ticket sales for the Jaguars.

Fast forward to draft day. The Denver Broncos trade their 2nd, 3rd, AND 4th round picks to Baltimore for the 25th pick in the 1st round, with which they chose Tim Tebow. This ended up setting records in jersey sales for the draft, and he continued to have the highest selling jersey in the 2010 season. The point: A LOT of hype.

2011: After starting a few games at the end of his rookie season, the Broncos started the season 1-4 before they put Tim Tebow as a starter. Tebowmania swept the nation after multiple 4th quarter comebacks on the way to a very lucky playoff berth, with a Raiders loss.

January 2012: A wildcard game against the Steelers which ended with the all too memorable win in the first snap of overtime with a simple throw to Demaryius Thomas on a slant route.

It seemed like he lived up to the hype! The Broncos were in the playoffs,Tebowmania was in full effect and so was “Tebowing”. For all you millennials out there: that was taking a knee, elbow on your knee and fist to your head. Thank goodness Tik Tok was not around.

Here’s where things went downhill: The next week he has to face legendary quarterback Tom Brady. A 45-10 loss ended the season. It doesn’t stop there. Another legendary quarterback would play a crucial role in Tim Tebow’s downfall.

March 2012: Enter: Peyton Manning. John Elway took a chance that many found controversial at the time. Many believed Manning would never play to an elite level again after a neck surgery. Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets and the Broncos would go on to appear in two superbowls.

The Jets faced a lot of pressure over the inconsistent play of Mark Sanchez. The fans wanted Tebowmania! Unfortunately Tebow broke two ribs in a road game against Seattle, so the fans would have their hopes stalled.

2013: after 32 rushes and 8 pass attempts with the Jets, he was released from the team in April. The following month New England signed him to replace the aging Tom Brady! Kidding. He would later go on to have an abismal preseason, ending with a 47.2 passer rating and 36.7% completion rating. He was later cut in August.

In December he would start his broadcasting career with ESPN mainly on the SEC network. Although still pursuing a football career. He would continue to be in broadcasting from this point on, even during his baseball ventures.

2015: He signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in what would be his last shot at playing quarterback. He played in all four preseason games before ultimately being cut in September.

2016: Even with no baseball resumé since 2005, the NY Mets sign Tebow to an “instructional league” where hits a HOME RUN on his first pitch. Incredible! Although he was plastered all over sports media outlets once again, he went on to have a mediocre batting average of .194.

2017: Mets assigned him to 2 different teams in which he hit home runs in his first appearances for BOTH teams. He goes on to have a 12-game hitting streak and once again media outlets run wild. He ends the season with a .231 batting average.

2018: Mets promote him to a double-A team where in his first at-bat, you guessed it: HOME RUN.

This guy is a KILLER with first impressions.

He ended up having a stellar season before ultimately breaking a bone in his hand and ending his season.

July 2019: Hits 3 home runs in 6 games, before having a pinky injury fielding a ball later in the month which needed stitches, effectively ending his season.

2020: First of all, no one really had a good year unless your name was Jeff Bezos. Tebow was supposed to play in the World Baseball Classic for the Phillipines (where he was born), but was canceled due to the infamous COVID-19.

February 2021: NY Mets formally announce Tebow’s retirement from professional baseball.

May 2021: Home sweet home. Tim Tebow finally signs a no guarantee deal to play Tight End for the Jacksonville Jaguars under the same coach he had in college, Urban Meyer. ESPN loses its absolute mind.

50% of the fans across the league LOVED this move. He finally takes up the idea of playing a different position. Then he shows up to training camp absolutely JACKED. To be fair, Tim Tebow has never looked out of shape. Married men everywhere hide ESPN from their TVs, with good reason.

Now, the other 50% absolutely hate this move. Colin Kaepernick isn’t in the league, but Tebow is? I mean, how dare Tebow use his networking skills to garner a last shot at his dream of playing football!

Even former bruiser running back Brandon Jacobs from the NY Giants considers making a comeback! He posts a picture online, and looks absolutely jacked as well. However, his 90s era shorts are covering his legs. We need to see how his legs have fared before we commit to seeing him line up at defensive end!

Worry not evil fans.

Two viral videos of terrible blocking plays are posted on Twitter after the first preseason game, and Tebow ends up being released on August 17th.

There are mixed feelings on the aftermath. But regardless of how you look at it, I pose 3 questions:

1. Why wouldn’t you keep Tim Tebow until the end of preseason at least? Do the Jaguars not realize that he was at the very least selling jerseys? Fan favorites are GOOD for your business. I understand you have to make cuts and Tim Tebow is ultimately evaluated as a player, but maybe milk this situation for what it was while at the same time giving someone more than one game in a brand new position. Capitalize on your situation Jacksonville, sheesh!

2. Are we really going to fault Tim Tebow for using his connections to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL? In the middle and upper class, that is mainly how you find jobs and opportunities: Asking around, and having connections to those opportunities.

3. Did Tim Tebow have really bad timing and bad luck or, was he just generally terrible at professional sports? Multiple injuries and bad play, combined with a team who expected him to be ready game 1 seems unfortunate. Then again Urban Meyer and the Jaguars might’ve seen all they needed to, and Tim Tebow was SO bad that there was no choice but to released him after game 1.

You decide.

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