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Mike Francesa: Daniel Jones needs to take a “big, quantum leap forward” or his career will be short in New York

Folks, one thing I love about the New York sports market is that our good friend Mike Francesa has provided some great takes throughout his career as a radio host. By great, I don’t necessarily mean accurate but I do mean entertaining. With that being said, he recently went on The Bill Simmons Podcast and dropped a very good take on the Giants quarterback situation as well as a few other nuggets.

“I’m not optimistic about the quarterback, I’m optimistic about the coach. The coach is good. The coach is the real deal from what I’ve seen,” Francesa said.

He is spot on here. Giants fans should be optimistic that Joe Judge is the guy to lead this team to the promised land but Daniel Jones definitely has a lot to prove or they’ve got to replace him.

Francesa also said that the Giants are going to be “really good on defense” but that the offensive line and the quarterback situation are “question marks.”

With that being said, Francesa also brought up a good point that none of the teams in the NFC East are superior teams in any way, shape, or form. The Cowboys are favored to win the division but nobody would be shocked if they didn’t get the job done. Each game is going to be a dog fight in the NFC East.

Francesa closed this segment by saying that Dave Gettleman “should have been gone years ago” and that Daniel Jones needs to take a “big, quantum leap forward” this season.

Is anything he’s saying here incorrect? I personally don’t think so at all. It’s a very fair and accurate assessment of the Giants in their current state. They have a great defense on paper and the offense looks to be incredibly suspect at the quarterback position and at the offensive line position. Joe Judge is the future of this franchise while Dave Gettleman needs to be out the door. It all adds up when you think about it.

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